LiSA’s Akeboshi (Demon Slayer Theme Song) Wins Big At Japan Music Awards

Since anime and K-pop became overwhelmingly popular throughout the world, the Asian music business has thrived and grown at high pace. Even more, underappreciated performers were able to go worldwide and battle with Western artists in a head-to-head competition thanks to the J-pop and K-pop genres. A good example of this is BTS. 

Anime openers, whether it’s AOT’s Sasageyo Sasageyo, or Tokyo Ghoul’s Unravel, have always been unmissable. These songs have captured the essence of the anime and beautifully portrayed the world through the lens of an artist. 

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One such anime is Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba, which has had a circulation of around 150 million copies. LiSA’s contributions to the Kimetsu no Yaiba series are mind-blowing. Without her music, Demon Slayer wouldn’t have the same vibe that it does today. 

She has sung the Demon Slayer theme song, ‘Gurenge,’ which reached the top of the music charts. It became a huge smash, reached high levels of popularity and she’s proved that she’s not going to get out of vogue ever.

Demon Slayer Theme Song

At the 63rd Japan Record Awards, LiSA’s song ‘Akeboshi’ for the Demon Slayer: Mugen Train anime series was named one of the Songs of the Year. Many other musicians, like Da-CITRUS, iCE’s AKB48’s Ne mo Ha mo Rumor, and others, shared the title with the Demon Slayer vocalist. 

All these songs are deserving of consideration for Song of the Year because of how beautiful and amazing they are.

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Notable Mentions

Special Achievement Awards were given to Ado, Bank Band, Takashi Matsumoto, and YOASOBI. These awards give recognition to artists or works that have achieved broad recognition or captured the real spirit of a period.

In addition, the late Makoto Kawaguchi, Asei Kobayashi, and Koichi Sugiyama received the Special Lifetime Award for their varied achievements and services in the Japanese music business.


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