Loki Episode 4 Quotes That Would Go A Long Way

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In Loki so far,

The first episode of “Loki,” which premiered on Disney+ on June 9, ends with the intriguing reveal that the hooded killer who’s been going after the Time Variance Authority’s Minutemen and stockpiling their reset charges is actually also Loki — just a different version of him.

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After the apocalyptic hurricane of “Loki” Episode 2, we know now that this other, murderously mischievous Loki is Lady Loki, played by Sophia Di Martino.

Loki Episode 4 was very emotional, and we are sure you guys might have shed tears. Here are Five chord striking quotes from the same-

Sylvie: Do you think what makes a Loki a Loki
Is that we are destined to lose?
Loki: No. We may lose. Sometimes painfully. But we don’t die, we survive.

When Sylvie got more guards to control her than our Loki, it sure has hit his ego.

Loki: By the way, I should have an equal amount of security. This is insulting.

Sums up every Narcissist’s life.

Did Loki Do Better Than Falcon and The Winter Soldier?

Loki: I crave attention because I am… am a narcissist and I suppose its because I am scared of being alone.

Aren’t the gravest of lies are those that we tell ourselves? Something to ponder over.

Loki: Of all the liars in this place, and there are a great many, you are the biggest.
Mobius: Why because I lied about your girlfriend?
Loki: Oh no that I can respect. I mean the lies that you tell yourself.

This line from Mobius is going to stay with us for the time to come. And, this is a reminder that we can start over anytime.

Mobius: You could be whoever, whatever you wanna be, even someone good. I mean just in case anyone ever told you different.

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