Loki Episode 4: What Happens To Mobius In The Comics?

Mr. Mobius is an administrator who works for the TIME VARIANCE AUTHORITY.

He (in the comics) is a clone, produced from the same genetic material, thus all the higher-ranking administrators and officials all look identical:

He was eventually promoted to an executive in senior management. The TIME VARIANCE AUTHORITY or T.V.A is an agency that operates out of the dimension called the NULL-TIME ZONE, it is their job to monitor realities throughout the Multiverse and attempt to keep temporal interference to a minimum.

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There is no time in the Null-Zone, which gives them the freedom to operate.

If time disruption goes beyond the T.V.A’s ability to handle, or if there were crimes and manipulations that were so egregious, that all reality was threatened, the situation then goes “upstairs”, to the Judges, the Time Keepers:

Beings with nearly limitless power to manipulate temporal energy. They can age any being from an infant to becoming so old they turn to dust, although beings that are immortal are unaffected.

They can summon any being throughout time to do their bidding, teleport anywhere in time and any reality, grant power to others, discharge powerful energy blasts, and create powerful energy shields.

And by tapping into the power of the Forever Crystal.

…they could remove/destroy countless realities from existence in seconds, if it disrupted reality, or if they simply choose to.

Once the decision is reached to destroy a dimension or universe, the Time-Twisters are usually the preferred method of destruction.

Kang the Conqueror works with the T.V.A sometimes, and the Time Keepers claim to have authority over even the Living Tribunal. They were created by the very last director of the T.V.A, known as He Who Remains.

Is Mobius Dead?

In Loki Episode 4 we see, that Ravonna gets Mobius pruned. Ah! It was really painful to see that even Loki got really emotional. So, is Mobius not going to return in Episode 5? Only time can tell. For now, the future seems bleak with Mobius and Loki gone.

We would have to wait for the fifth episode to come out next Wednesday on Disney+.

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