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Loki Episode 5 Ending Explained

Loki Episode 5 Ending Explained

Loki and Sylvie head off to face the Alioth themselves while the rest of the God-Squad decides to stay in the Void — after all, this is their home now. Thankfully, Sylvie vetoes Loki’s simple plan of trying to stab a smoke monster and goes with her idea of enchanting the creature into revealing where/who the person behind the TVA is.

However, just because she’s been nefariously murderous up to this point doesn’t mean she can’t inspire Loki to have a little faith in himself. He unlocks his own enchanting abilities just in the nick of time on the battlefield, with a little encouragement from Sylvie. They’re just so cute.

Thankfully, Classic Loki decides to give his life “glorious purpose” by creating a fake Asgard to distract Alioth. It is a brilliant moment to witness, especially for an older, bitter version of the character, to finally feel like he’s doing something positive in the timeline rather than constantly being a villain. His trickery succeeds but at the cost of his life.

However, Classic Loki points out earlier on that he cheated death by conjuring a fake version of himself during the confrontation with Thanos, so who knows? There’s probably a way for Marvel Studios to bring Richard E. Grant’s Classic Loki back if they wished.

Once Alioth is enchanted, the smoke clears to show a bizarre castle or manor in the middle of a swirling cosmic background. With all the Kang the Conqueror connections to Alioth, is it possible that this is Chronopolis?

Alioth clearly couldn’t get inside it. In the comics, Chronopolis lies on the outskirts of limbo and contains time-points to places under Kang’s control. Will we see Jonathan Majors next week? Only time will tell…

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