Loki Episode 5: What Is Alioth? How Alioth Links To Kang The Conqueror?

What exactly is Alioth? Furious cloud? Our Loki sure got a hell lot of confused trying to figure out the answer. But, don’t worry, we got you covered.

Also, let’s revise what the Loki variants had to say of Alioth-

Classic Loki: This is The Void. That’s Alioth. And we’re his lunch. Come on!

Kid Loki: This is the place where the TVA dumps its rubbish, everything they prune. And Alioth, he ensures none of it ever returns.

Boastful Loki: It’s a living tempest that consumes matter and energy. They send entire branched realities here that are devoured instant… We’re in a shark tank. Alioth is the shark.

According to Marvel Comics, Alioth is the first being who broke free from the constraints of time. His empire is larger than that of Kang himself, stretching billions of years to before the rise of man on Earth. His domain is approximately x2 to x3 as large as Kang’s temporal empire. It is because of Alioth that Kang never attempted to expand his empire vertically into more distant time eras and therefore extends only as far back as 2000 BC.

Kang created a barrier preventing Alioth from entering his domain. After Kang’s death, Ravonna the Terminatrix accidentally released Alioth.

How Alioth Links To Kang The Conqueror

Given Alioth’s links to Kang in the comics, it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn he is the true force behind the TVA in Loki. Kang is due to appear in Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania, played by Jonathan Majors; while Majors has denied being in Loki, he wouldn’t be the first Marvel actor to lie. What’s more, conceptually the void feels similar to a realm Kang has indeed occupied on occasion, known as Purgatory, the Great Forgetting, or the Lost Zone, which was seen in the Avengers Forever miniseries. In the MCU, then, Alioth could have been recast as Kang’s pawn rather than his nemesis – but if it is ever allowed to escape the void and enter the timeline, then it could yet become the threat seen in the comics.

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