Loki Season 2 is Under Development At Marvel Studios

What Time Does Loki Release On Wednesday?

Loki series’ first season is supposedly expected to be released by this year around the time of the Black Widow movie release.

Updates on Phase 4

Fans have far before speculated that the Loki season one shooting was over, and the work for season 2 has already begun.

With so much marvel news coming out each day as marvel is pumping its fans for the first release of phase 4, we are getting more than enough details on other projects too.

Recently, when it was announced that Loki’s Head Writer Michael Waldron would be involved in Kevin Feige’s Star Wars movie, Deadline reported that Waldron would also be involved in the second season of the Loki series in some capacity.

Many more seasons to come


Now, this is good news for Michael Waldron, but not only him; fans might also have some marvelous news from what we detect.

According to what many thought when Marvel released its posters for phase 4 content, we would get one season of every series announced, and Marvel will be done with it.

But with the announcement of season two of Loki, not only are we excited that we will get to see our notorious God of Mischief again, we are excited because this might mean that every other series might also have more seasons.

Not the same for every series

Well, that probably won’t include WandaVision as we have already heard it’s just a mini-series. But we can’t predict Marvel so, let’s hope.

But in the case of other series like Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Falcon, and the Winter Soldier, we might get more seasons because they have a lot of content to give.

Usually, when a series is released or about to release, no such thing as a second season revival occurs because it might be a considerable risk for the production company. But that’s not the case for Marvel.

Better relationships


Marvel has satisfied its fans every time that now they know without a doubt that Marvel will deliver, and also Marvel, on the other hand, knows that fans will do anything to keep them running.

So, it does make sense that Loki has already been revived. But there is also this rumor that every season that will come before an MCU movie, whatever franchise it is from, will connect to it.

This means we will keep getting Avengers making cameos or playing small roles in other solo movies within the MCU, and frankly, we have no complaints.

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