Loki: Will Thor be in the series?



While we certainly are not yet done snooping out the Easter eggs and the hidden plotlines from the Loki trailer but even with the first round of snooping, let me tell you, we have found so much more than we thought.

Saves the best for the last?

Ever since the Disney Investor Meet announcements came out, fans don’t know what hit them. Some even thought that the Marvel and Disney accounts were hacked after seeing so many announcements all at once. Marvel indeed saved the best for the last, don’t you think?

Anyway, among the other million questions you got from the trailer, one tops them all, and that would be if Black Widow is in the Loki series trailer. Well, there are chances that we would clear your doubt, but there are higher chances that we will confuse you more as there are too many things to take into consideration when it comes to Marvel.

Is Black Widow in the series?


A woman whose figure matched that of Black Widow and her Infinity War hairstyle was seen sitting on what appears to be a rock or some debris in Vormir. Since that’s where Black Widow sacrificed herself to retrieve the Soul Stone, there are chances that this an alternate universe where Clint Barton took the jump and Natasha is mourning the loss of her best friend.

But given that it’s Natasha’s Infinity War hairstyle, it is not sure if this prediction is right. Our fans also immediately spotted the similarity of Sophia Di Martino’s character, who donned the same wig and costume on Loki’s set.

Are we sure?

Does this then eliminate the chance of it being Black Widow? No, idea! We could never tell what is what with Marvel. There are chances that Loki could meet Natasha in one of the alternate universes, or it could simply be the female version of Loki.

The rumors on the Loki series were scarce until now since fans didn’t have any idea on what to expect; now that the trailer is out, they have a little idea on what to expect from the series, and thus, the fan theories and speculations shall commence from now on.

The female version of the God of Mischief?


But among the news we received before the trailer debuted was that Loki, while jumping through the different timelines and Alternate Universe, will come across a female, a Kid, and an older version of Loki.

If that’s true, then Sophia Di could be playing the female version of Loki. According to some sources, she might be playing Enchantress, who is also set to make her MCU debut soon.

Is Thor in Loki Series?


Now that this is somewhat clear let’s talk about the Asgardian brother of Loki. Will Thor make an appearance? Given that he was mentioned in the trailer and Loki is counting on Thor and Heimdall to beam him up after jumping from a plane, there are high chances of them making an appearance.

But on how it will fit into the series and if Loki will be a hero at the end of the series or still a villain who is unaware of the Infinity War sacrifice he made, that is still unknown!

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