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Lucifer Season 5 Launch Date Gets FINALLY Confirmed With An Intriguing Revelation

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The series, which will air in two batches of eight episodes, will return to the streaming site on August 21, which will delight fans who are desperate for what’s to come next since it finally premiered in 2019.

Netflix announced the broadcast date with the following statement: ‘In the stunning fifth inning, the stakes are higher than ever!
‘Secrets will be revealed, beloved characters will die, and we’ll finally get an answer to the question, “Will they or won’t they?”‘

Season 5 was commissioned by the Netflix after Fox cancelled the dark thriller at the end of its third race. Netflix renewed it to fourth, then the green light to continue its fifth and final run.

But enthusiasts noticed that the bosses could change their minds and that there would be a sixth, as Netflix didn’t say Season 5 was the last – which resulted in more frenzy.

The show’s star, Tom Ellis, who plays the title role, is reportedly struggling to get a deal in off-screen discussions about this move with Netflix. He wants to rule out any more episodes after the Season 5. Things were said to have been puffed out earlier this month, with reports suggesting that there is an increase chance for season 6.

After being transferred to Netflix, the show became the number one debuted show on the site for straight eight weeks, despite Fox getting rid of it because of apparent ‘bad ratings’.

When the show was initially shut down by Fox, fans were mortified, and the final instalment was discontinued. To satisfy avid Lucifer enthusiasts, Fox decided to air it. Season 4 then aired on Netflix later in 2019.

This series follows the fallen angel Lucifer Morningstar, who gets sick of ruling hell and therefore returns to earth. Ending up in Los Angeles, he starts running a nightclub and becomes a consultant to the LAPD, while battling a series of seraphic threats landing on the city at all times.

The first eight episodes of Lucifer Season 5 will drop on Netflix on August 21.

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