Lucifer Season 5 Part B: Everything That We Know

Lucifer season 5 left with one of the biggest cliffhangers in the series. The first part of season 5, which had eight episodes released in August last year, left the fans wanting more.

With the Father God himself on Earth now to stop the sibling angels’ brawl, we have to wait to find out what Earth is up to.

With the truth about why Amenadiel’s son is not a celestial not yet revealed, fans are eagerly waiting for the second part.

Release Date

As of now, Netflix hasn’t released any information about when the series will be streaming. But somehow, we got a report that the shooting was wrapped last December, and all that is left is the post-production work.

The recent update we got officially was from the official account of Lucifer Writers. They say the same as we already know.


With the release date not yet announced, we are not entirely sure when they will drop the trailer. But if there is a trailer, it will come when they decide to reveal the release date, so expect one before this summer.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t know anything yet. All the episode titles of season 5, part B, have been revealed, and some shots and clips have already been released.

A small clip from the musical episode where the cast is seen singing, “Another bites the dust,” is seen, and another interesting one is the clip of Father god looking at Lucy and saying, “I have come to ask you something.”


Plot of Lucifer Season 5 Part B

As already seen, the season will take off from where Father God takes his fighting children and releases the freeze they have caused.

A new clip of Chole Decker asking, “Where is Lucifer” denotes that Lucy and the other celestials have gone missing from Earth, most likely to heaven.

There is something that Father God wants Lucifer to do, and let’s hope that it’s not something like ruling again. We will also get answers to why Charlie is not part-angel.

Lucifer season 5 part B, which is in the post-production work stage, should be able to do it fast. Now that they are done with the shooting, the pandemic shouldn’t cause any more delay in the series.

If we are lucky, we can get the second part before or during the summer this year.

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