Lucifer Season 5: Supernatural Star In Guest Role Announced


Lucifer Season 5 has confirmed that Supernatural star Rob Benedict will make a guest appearance.

According to TVLine, the actor who regularly appears in the Supernatural as God will appear in season 5 as Vincent Le Mec, “a tough French mercenary whose violent work brings him to Los Angeles – and Lucifer, Chloe and LAPD”.


Benedict’s appearance in Lucifer was filmed just before the onset of the ongoing epidemic. We will see him in the 15th episode.

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The fifth season is finally set to hit Netflix on August 21, despite some confusion from the streaming platform.

Rob Benedict To Play Supernatural Star In Guest Role in Lucifer Season 5

Previously, if you looked for the show on Netflix, the message “Season 5 Part 1 Coming August 21” would have appeared in the preview menu. However, that message has since been removed.
Since then, Netflix has cleared up any misconceptions by officially announcing its release date with 66.6 seconds of the show’s sexiest moments.
“News: Lucifer S5 Part 1 arrives on August 21. Hell Yeah!” the streaming service confirmed.


While the first half of Season 5 has not yet been released, Netflix has already updated Lucifer to the sixth and final.
“The Devil has done that to us. #Lucifer returns for the sixth and final.” Read the tweet on the show’s official Twitter account as the final finale.

Lucifer Season 5A begins on Netflix on Friday, August 21. Watch Season 4 on Netflix and 1-3on Amazon Prime Video.

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