Man Misreads Wine List- Left With Eye-Watering Valentine’s Day Bill


Valentine’s day calls for a romantic date with your partner. Any sensible person would follow the most romantic and sweetest idea for a date- a dinner date. So did this guy from Reddit do. He took his girlfriend of six months on a two-course meal dinner date. The date would have gone beautiful like any normal date, but it didn’t go that way.

This man has been living in Japan for last two years and have been in relationship with his girlfriend from six months. He shares his whole experience on reddit.

He ordered a two-course meal and a bottle of wine. When it came to choose a bottle of wine, he chose the least expensive bottle thinking others were way too expensive for him to afford. But, when the bill arrived, he got stunned. The wine didn’t cost  £60 but around £600.

Credits: Reddit

But there was no going back. He paid the bill and took it in his stride. He said on Reddit that he likes things simple and cheap. Expensive dates are not his style. A two-course meal was already expensive for him, then this shocking wine bill added up to it.


Nevertheless, the couple enjoyed their date and he did not show it to his girlfriend.

Man, wherever you are, you have our sympathy.

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