Mark Millar Declares Taron Egerton Will Be the Next Wolverine


James Howlett born in the Northwest Territory of Canada in 1832 was a mutant with healing powers & claws in the X-Men Comics & movie series. Wolverine had bone claws for the early years of his life till the death of his love, Kayla.

Kayla was killed by Victor, James’s brother so to take revenge Logan agreed for an experiment which introduced Adamantine in his skeleton.

Before he got the experiment procedure started he asked William Stryker to write the name tag with “wolverine” thus came to be known as Wolverine.

Wolverine his memories were partially erased on purpose by William Stryker to use his DNA for his experiment but he flew the facility & went on a run.


Logan leads the X-Men team for many years after being discovered by Xavier & team earning a reputation for himself & he also took care of Charles Xavier in his old age.

Later in the series, he finds a daughter X-23 takes her under his wing & causing Zander to chase him eventually killed him.

He was killed by his own clone X-24 as over time the Adamantine skeleton poisoned his system which leads to failure of his healing mechanism.


Wolverine died in peace saying, “So, this is what it feels like.” These were his last words.


Wolverine was played by Hugh Jackman from the very beginning of the movie series in 2000. But now that the older version has died & there is a slight chance of introducing X-Men to MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

The production will or maybe is looking for the next suitable actor to play heavy personality of Logan.


Many people out there are guessing who can play Wolverine & continue the legacy of Hugh Jackman after two complete decades including Comic writers.

Well known Comic writer Mark Miller has been spilling the beans on twitter lately.

One of the prolific writer Mark Millar said on Twitter that Taron Egerton may be playing the next wolverine with reference to his previous guess when he told Robert Downey Jr. will play Iron Man in 2002 from a panel.

Although the actor himself has not confirmed it; according to Egerton he has no news about any Comic character role being offered to him so far, but he would be more than honored to do it to be a part of something so huge.

While Mark Millar is confident about his guess he wrote that he is never wrong before revealing his speculation to the public online.


The media has gone in a frenzy after this & are keeping out a keen eye for what happens next.

Wrap Up

Wolverine had been such a relatable character even though he was a mutant the human side of his nature is revealed in many scenes.

Hugh Jackman did an absolutely amazing job in portraying this character on the screen so it doesn’t matter who gets the role.


The new Wolverine actor must live up to the expectation of the public as they are used to the iconic performance of Hugh Jackman.

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