Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland weren’t given the script of Avengers Endgame: Joe Russo

Mark Ruffalo aka The Hulk and Tom Holland aka Spider-Man were apparently the only actors who weren’t given the script of Avengers Endgame!

Actors Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo are infamous for giving out spoilers and Avengers: Endgame co-director Joe Russo says the team took extra measures to keep the plot of the movie a secret from them. The director shared the update at an event in Mumbai on Monday when asked about the plot points from the highly-anticipated movie.

Further clarifying he said :

“Here’s the thing. I’ll take any questions about Avengers: Endgame but I’m not going to answer any question on the plot of Endgame! Three years of protecting the plot from Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo, so I’m not going to stand here and give away about the film. But I appreciate and admire your effort”

“Tom Holland does not get the script! He gets his lines, and that’s all, along with who is acting opposite him. Then we use very vague terms to describe what’s happening in the scene.”

That sounds so ridiculous that two of the most important actors in MCU don’t have a clue about the finale just like us! So, don’t be surprised if some fan spots them watching the movie in a theater just like us to know what happens(Not in India obviously). We bet, they are eager to know as much as we are!

Coming to the fans who till now don’t have a clue why these two actors are being treated like that! Here, we got you covered :

Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland earned the reputation of worst secret keepers, as they have let out spoilers on several occasions. Once Mark Ruffalo gave out the ending of the film during an interview, and also he accidentally streamed Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok. And Tom Holland is known for slip-ups while giving interviews.

Also during an interview with Good Morning America during the D23 Expo, Ruffalo told an interviewer, unprompted, about the end of Infinity War. He said.

“Wait til’ you see the next movie… everybody dies.”

On an ending note, Joe Russo commented on Marvel’s fandom in India and making Endgame spoiler free with a special request to fans.

“Please don’t spoil the movie. There are more secrets in this film than there were in Avengers: Infinity War. Respect other fans… Don’t tell them the story… Let them experience on their own.”

“Here is the thing about Marvel fans, they read between the lines in everything.”

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