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Marvel: 5 Bucky Barnes Scenes Which Got Us All Inspired

Bucky Barnes has been Steve Rogers’ protector, Cap’s best friend, the Winter Soldier, and more. Here are his five most inspiring moments.


5) Defending Pre-Serum Steve
Pre-Serum Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger

The first time the audience sees Bucky Barnes is in itself a great moment, as he steps in to save pre-serum Steve Rogers from the bullies who have cornered him.
Bucky refuses to let his friend hurt, and loftily protects him, even if it is evident, that this is not the first time Steve chooses a fight he can’t finish. Those are real BFF goals.

4) Refusing To Leave Without Steve
Buckey and Captain America Fighting Zola and Red Skull

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While fans regret for Bucky when he is captured and tortured by Zola and the Red Skull, they are again motivated by his loyalty to Steve as soon he tries to save him. When Steve orders Bucky to flee for safety and save his life, Bucky refuses to go, shouting, “No, no, not without you.”

3) Breaking His Conditioning
Winter Soldier Fighting Captain America| Captain America: Winter Soldier

It’s not for ordinary man to come outHydra’s conditioning, but Bucky Barnes handles it.
When Steve utters their familiar vows to one another, pushing away the unspeakable horror and torture, to regain control over Bucky’s mind. The scene is incredibly moving and really inspiring.

2) Waking Up In Wakanda
Buckey Barnes In Wakanda

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One of the most beautiful scenes in the MCU is when Bucky Barnes wakes up in Wakanda, it is when HYDRA’s conditioning is removed from his brain. There is real serenity to the moment, as Bucky meets the Wakandan princess Shuri and asks to be called “Bucky,” thus regaining his identity and personality.

1) Fighting The Final Battle

Despite all the hardships Bucky endured during his MCU existence, he never stopped trying to do what was right.
During the endgame, he takes part in the final battle against Thanos, stepping in with all the other heroes to defend the Earth. When fans see what Bucky has gone through, his constant fighting ability is inspiring.

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