Marvel Avengers: Endgame Hype and Tickets Sale Update

The clock is ticking. We are closing in on one month to go before the worldwide release of possibly the most anticipated film of the decade Avengers: Endgame!!

One question which is starting to show on everybody’s minds is when will the advance bookings for the premiere start?

Again, there are many people speaking of different dates for the same. Going by the redditors it is April 2, as someone leaked an image of the internal paper handout for a theater chain as evidence, but since the emergence of Photoshop, it is hard to believe everything that’s on the internet.

Another post on reedit suggests that the sales would begin by Monday this week.

Post on Reddit by u/novagalactic

“I got temporarily banned for posting this the other day.

Anyway, I work for a huge company that rents one of the auditoriums at local AMC for employees to enjoy shows with coworkers. They did the same for Mission Impossible and Captain Marvel. Both times they said tickets were available and ended up being 100% right. They don’t guess or speculate, they just tell the exact dates of release.

Email says tickets go on sale for Monday. I guarantee this will be the day tickets are made public.”

If rumors and speculations aren’t your thing then we have another suggestion for you to be the first one to know about it before public knowledge.

Go to your app store, download the AMC Theatres app and login to your account and enable push notifications as usually, they are the first ones to deliver any information regarding the release/advanced booking of a universal movie.

For our Indian readers, tickets generally go on sale at 6:30 pm IST. So if you think today’s the day, take out your devices and make sure you’re on a stable connection and then keep on refreshing from 6:29(pro tip) who knows you might get lucky and grab a first day first show! There’s no better brag than grabbing the tickets for the most anticipated movie of all time.

NOTE : Don’t spoil it for your friends later, not all are as lucky as you.

If you don’t get the tickets, don’t get disheartened. Just make sure to uninstall Reddit and all other social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc. to avoid anyone spoiling the ending for you. You deserve it.

It’s hard to contain the excitement and hype surrounding it. We need answers! So many questions! Since we are moving in the final countdown for the premiere here are some questions we hope they answer in the film.

How do Tony and Nebula make it back from space? (Basically how they survive)

Why there was no instance of Thanos in the trailer? Though someone is in the same boat as us. ( Directed to GOT Fans, as their chief antagonist isn’t revealed in the trailer too) Is this the new trend? Who knows.

Captain Marvel’s role in Endgame! ( Will she be a Ant-Man or will she be a Black Panther, only time will tell)

Honestly, there’s no end to these questions and answers to these aren’t expected anytime before April 26th.

So mark your calendars, set your alarms. Keep your eyes and ears open(only for ticket booking).

Avengers assemble!


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