Marvel Comics Just Gave A New Jedi Like Powers To Spider-Man

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Marvel Comics #1000

Spider-Man Gets A Level Up:

We have never been fully aware of the space between Spider-Man’s famous “SpiderSense” and his other more magical or psychic superpowers. But, the latest Spider-Man story has definitely heated things up a bit.

Spidey’s extra sense has given him a superpower that comes straight of the amazing Star Wars universe. This also makes us curious if Marvel ever confirmed Peter Parker of not being a Jedi.

Marvel comics #1000

Peter’s Tingling SpiderSense:

Fans have somewhat made a joke out of Peter Parker’s “tingling” SpiderSense, especially after the way it was applied and renamed in the recent Spider-Man: Far FromHome.

Stan Lee Marvel comics

But in reality, this “tingle” has its own comic book mythology. In the latest change of the Spider-Man canon, this sixth sense turned into more of a superhero version of the Force that was wielded by Sith and the Jedi. And thanks to Spidey’s fans across the world, all this has been done as a heart-breaking tribute to the comic book legacy of Peter Parker.

Spider-Man and Marvel Comics #1000:

The new story comes as a part of the celebratory Marvel Comics #1000, which is essentially a collection of 80 one-page stories that highlight the different Marvel superheroes.

Where Spider-Man is concerned, his fans will get a chance to enjoy “The Route”, written by Geoff Shaw, Donny Cates, David Curiel and Cory Petit.

Jedi spiderman

This is a story which will take the already confusing science fiction behind this sixth sense that Spider-Man has and give it an even deeper and emotional connection to his legacy.

The story does so by following Peter Parker while he is on his usual route of night-time patrolling, and goes on to reveal that his SpiderSense does not just warn him of impending danger, but also leaves scars of its own.

Theories About the SpiderSense:

For most fans, this sixth sense will be playing one out of two main roles, either granting Peter the supernatural ability to “feel” the danger and know when it is imminent or getting into the alarm mode when his senses detect something which his conscious mind does not.

The Marvel Comics #1000 and Spidey’s short story in it adds yet another dimension to the whole theory, suggesting that this SpiderSense is not just a mere defence mechanism, but instead is a physical reminder to Peter when he passes by a place of heartbreak and sadness.


What Does Peter Feel in His Sixth Sense?

Peter feels a sort of aching, buzzing or screaming when he goes into the SpiderSense mode, a kind of sensory overload when he returns to or passes by places he personally was in a dark space.

This darkness is not like the usual places of darkness we see in the Star Wars universe, where the past of the people lingers, and those who are sensitive in the Force are able to detect it.

Where Jedi and Sith are concerned, this darkness is typically related to the areas that are, in some way, connected to life, or the Force’s light and dark sides. As for Spider-Man, these dark places are his own version of darkness that only he can sense.

This also goes on to answer the much confusing question where Spidey knows what it is like to be a Forcesensitive.

Spider-Man’s Story in The New Comics:

Fans will now be able to enjoy this tribute to Spider-Man’s legacy as one out of the many many more, which will be released as part of the magnificent Marvel Comics #1000.

It will have eighty writer and artist pairings who will be touching on every year and almost every superhero in the history of Marvel Comics.

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