Marvel Fans Just Realized Ant-Man Had the Best MCU Foreshadowing

Overview of the scene:

It may have been a coincidence but, the heist thing was suitable and had a great deal to stop the future.

Also, the heist came up with Ant-Man in the movie even though he did not have special knowledge about it.

A combination of superheroes was required as the Ant-Man could not pull off the heist himself.

Talking about the Quantum Realm, Ant-Man possessed firsthand experience for the same. He had the experience since he was trapped in the place where Thanos first snapped. He had to be there until he could come out five years later.

He landed in the war directly.

The Endgame writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus mentioned about Scott in the Comic-Con 2019.

They said that Scott was lucky enough to not get dusted when Thanos snapped at first.

Another fascinating moment was the entry of superheroes through the Quantum tunnel.

Quantum tunnel has been referred to the Van that was first utilized in the Ant-Man and the Wasp.

The movies are somehow connected due to the scenes related to Quantum travel.

What do fans have to say?

Jumping directly onto Reddit, an interesting scene from the Ant-Man has been shared by a fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The scene that he talked about considers the conversation between the Yellowjacket and Ant-Man.

Yellowjacket asks Ant-Man if he was thinking of stopping the future with a heist.

Here, he was wondering if the future be stopped with such a thing. To which, Ant-Man replied confidently, “It was never just a heist”.

According to the fans, traveling through the Quantum Realm had also been seen in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

It was seen, that the time GPS was able to guide the heroes on various paths. It is surely a time-consuming aspect to show the audience each level.

By Movieweb

It is funny how the scene comes and goes within few minutes. But, leaves the fans fascinated. And this is what makes it stand out.

The fans have liked the scene where the future is changed with a heist. And, they think that Ant-Man has shown the best MCU foreshadowing.

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