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Marvel Has Planned Secret Wars. It Will Be The Next Grand Event In The MCU

Recently Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios, revealed to Collider that it takes considerable time since the last Avengers movie to be able to reunite the entire superhero team.

“I think we want there to be a reasonable time since Endgame to start a new saga, which is already underway and has begun. And then it takes time, like in Phase 1, to build that saga before we start bringing everyone together.”

Kevin Feige’s statement does not take us by surprise, as Phase 4 of the MCU has just begun, including the introduction of many new superheroes. Plus, we’ve already said goodbye to almost all of the original Avengers.

So How Long Will It Take To See Avengers 5?

Avengers Secret Wars, Art by: Psychboz

Following the events of Avengers Endgame and the disappearance of Black Widow, Iron-Man, and Captain America, the future of the iconic superhero team is fraught with uncertainty. Marvel President Kevin Feige recently confirmed that a fifth Avengers installment was not part of his short-term plans. However, everything indicates that the studio would be thinking of another formula to unite its characters.

With Captain America: Civil War, Marvel set a precedent by uniting most of its heroes in a film not directly associated with the Avengers, and it seems that the formula will repeat itself, this time with the adaptation of Secret Wars, a title that company has already started to develop.

Marvel Commissioned Jim Shooter To Write Novel On Secret Wars

As the mythical comic book writer Jim Shooter pointed out at the Megacon held in Orlando, Marvel would have commissioned him to write a novel based on the Secret Wars comic collection he created between 1984 and 1985. However, upon reviewing the contract, the artist discovered that the text he had been offered was actually only two pages of a much more complex job that he would have to complete.

Jim has explained that in reality, with this strategy, what Marvel wanted was to cover themselves legally when making a film based on their work. So the screenwriter, who saw the intentions of the studio, refused to sign.

The response to his refusal was immediate. The senior vice president of operations and publications acquisitions at Marvel Entertainment, David Bogart, contacted him to offer a new contract for a work valued at $ 10,000. Jim openly asked the executive if, as he suspected, it was all aimed at making a Secret Wars movie, to which Bogart replied, “I think you’re right.”

The discrepancies between the original comic book writers and the film industry are a recent issue. The comic writer Ed Brubaker confessed that the House of Ideas is not fair with its artists. In his case, they did not even invite him to the premiere of ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the film debut of the antihero of which he was a creator.

In addition, The Guardian revealed that Marvel pays screenwriters and artists whose work is adapted for film or television, generating hundreds of millions of income, a flat fee of just $ 5,000.

The Beyonder Could Be The Villain

Marvel Comics

Secret Wars can tell the story of a villain, The Beyonder, who kidnaps this universe’s prominent superheroes and forces them to fight each other in a world known as Battleworld, very similar to the end of time seen in Loki. However, it is currently unknown which characters the studio hopes to include in the film and the date the film will hit theaters. 

In the next article, we will talk about how Multiverse is involved in causing these Secret Wars.

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