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Everything From The Avengers Age Of Ultron Visions That Came True


The Age Of Ultron Visions Throughout The Different Marvel Phases:

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Throughout the different Marvel Phases, we have seen some of the biggest nightmares and fears of the Avengers come true. For example, the Scarlet Witch showed the Avengers, some of their biggest nightmares and fears in MCU Age Of Ultron. What’s more, some of these ended up coming true. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting ready for a new era of TV series and films. all of these will help to expand this connected universe after the end of the epic Infinity Saga.

The first three Marvel Phases were led by the Avengers. These include Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, as well as Hawkeye. Furthermore, this team went through a lot of ups and downs. Subsequently, they started to break in the Age of Ultron. Moreover, by Infinity War, all of them were scattered.

Fans regard Age of Ultron as one of the weakest entries in the MCU, in addition to calling it the worst Avengers movie. However, Endgame suggests that the Age of Ultron could have more relevance in the MCU than it did before.

What Happened In Avengers: Age Of Ultron?

Age of Ultron follows the trials and triumphs of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to stop Ultron. Ultron is an AI android created by Bruce Banner and Tony Stark to help the Avengers protect Earth from an extra-terrestrial as well as domestic threats. However, their creation goes wrong. Moreover, along with this, the Avengers meet the Maximoff twins, Pietro and Wanda.

These two, also known as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch respectively, seem to have unfinished business with Tony Stark. Naturally, by association, their unfinished business involves the rest of the Avengers as well. And even though they eventually change sides and join the Avengers in their fight against Ultron, Scarlet Witch does her part in breaking the team from within. She does so by implanting visions into them. And some of these visions actually come true in the films following the Age of Ultron.

The Film Of The Recent Marvel Phases With Captain America’s Broken Shield:

Wanda’s first victim was Tony Stark. The Scarlet Witch tried to stop him when he was approaching the scepter at HYDRA’s base in Sokovia. She did so with a nightmare/vision. In the vision, Tony sees his teammates dead or dying during a massive Chitauri invasion. He sees Cap’s broken shield right next to his body. This is the one major thing that caught fan attention. This is not only because of what the shield actually represents but also because it is made of Vibranium. Moreover, Vibranium is very hard to destroy. So, this raised the question of how or who could have been strong enough to break something like Cap’s shield.

We got the answer to this question in one of the following Marvel Phases, in Endgame. This is when we see the shield gets destroyed by Thanos during the Battle of Earth. Moreover, since Cap went back in time at the end of the film, he kept his shield from the timeline he created by staying in the past. And subsequently, he passed this shield down to Sam Wilson.

Black Widow’s Death In One Of The Later Marvel Phases


In one of the visions by Scarlet Witch, Tony Stark sees his teammates dead. Furthermore, this scene also gives viewers a closer look at the Black Widow’s dead body. It is important to note here that Black Widow was the only one from the original Avengers to die before the battle against Thanos and his armies ensued. This is because she sacrificed herself to obtain the Soul Stone in Vormir. Therefore, since her death was not caused by the decimation of Thanos’ snap, the Hulk couldn’t bring her back when he undid the snap. Regardless, Marvel fans will get to see Black Widow one more time.

One of the upcoming Marvel Phases is its Phase 4. And the first film in this phase is Black Widow’s solo adventure. It is sort of a prequel since it is set between the events of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. Furthermore, the film will see Natasha Romanoff confront her past. It will also introduce new characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These include Yelena Belova and Alexei Shostakov, or the Red Guardian.

The Vision Of The Massive Alien Invasion Which Came True

The deaths of the Avengers in Tony’s vision were the result of a massive alien invasion. And this invasion was much bigger than the one that happened in The Avengers. Furthermore, this vision from Age of Ultron also ended up coming true, in Endgame. In the film, Thanos from 2014 arrives with the Black Order and the armies of Outriders, Chitauri as well as Sakaarans.

The only difference here is that in Tony’s vision, it was only the Chitauri ships and they were coming through a wormhole. However, they did foreshadow a massive alien invasion that would put the team as well as the planet at risk. And it would require as much help from others as possible.

Captain America And Peggy Carter’s Dance In Endgame, From Phase 3 Of The Later Marvel Phases

Peggy and rogers

Later on, in the Age of Ultron, we see Scarlet Witch get to the rest of Avengers, except Hawkeye. Here, Captain America sees a vision where he is at a celebration of the end of the war, with many of his former comrades. In the vision, he also comes across Peggy Carter, who tells him that the war is over and they could go home.

However, Cap knew this wasn’t possible. Subsequently, the vision cuts to an empty dance floor, with him standing there alone, and then to Peggy and him finally having that long-promised last dance. We saw this moment come true in Endgame when Steve Rogers goes back in time to return the Infinity Stones to their original timelines. He then chooses to stay in the past to live the life he always wanted to, next to Peggy Carter. The final shot of the film is him and Peggy dancing at their home.

One Of The Visions Also Shows Thor Channelling Lightning

Thor’s vision was the most important one in the Age of Ultron. This is because he got a glimpse at the Infinity Stones in it, which subsequently led him to dig deeper. Furthermore, he also saw himself channeling lightning through his body instead of the Mjolnir.

This vision also came true in Thor: Ragnarök. Additionally, the vision also came in handy in both Infinity War as well as Endgame, especially after Thor got the Stormbreaker axe. This allowed him to channel more power through lightning. However, the Mjolnir was destroyed by Hela in Thor: Ragnarök. Regardless, due to his visit to Asgard in the past, Thor got it back and was, therefore, able to use the hammer, Stormbreaker as well as lightning during the Battle of Earth.

The Later Marvel Phases Show The Destruction Of Asgard

Thor’s vision in the Age of Ultron was not all about lightning and Infinity Stones. In his vision, he also sees Heimdall, who tells him that he would be the one leading them to Hell and that they were all dead. Subsequently, in the following Marvel Phases, in Thor: Ragnarök, the vision did come true.

In the film, we saw that Asgard was destroyed. So, Hela was killed as well, even though Thor took his people to Earth in the Grandmaster’s spaceship. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the Infinity War, the ship was intercepted by Thanos and his army. Subsequently, half of the ship’s passengers were killed, including Loki and Heimdall. The survivors did manage to get to Earth and form the New Asgard, as evident in Endgame. Then, Valkyrie becomes their new ruler and Thor joins the Guardians of the Galaxy by the end of the film.

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