Marvel Reveals New Lady Loki Picture

Marvel Reveals New Lady Loki Picture

The thing with Lady Loki is that we know she is a Loki variant, but what we are not aware of is how and why, and fans have been debating for a week to prove her identity.

Is Lady Loki really a variant?

Marvel Reveals New Lady Loki Picture

While many think it is the Enchantress who is disguised as Lady Loki, some think it does not make sense.

There is also this theory that Lady Loki is not evil and that she is doing this so that she could stop some evil plan of the Time-Keepers.

Some fans suggest that it is Renslayer who is secretly plotting all this, while some think it is the Enchantress.

Either way, we cannot say anything for sure until the very end. With the third episode coming out this Wednesday, we only have three more episodes after that.

So, we think whatever the plot is, we will get a hold of it by the fourth episode, if not the third.

Lady Loki’s proper introduction

Marvel can now officially confirm about Lady Loki, well, at least there is a character called that.

Marvel Reveals New Lady Loki Picture

As a way of celebrating, Marvel has released a new picture of Lady Loki, and even though fans are already on it, they still haven’t found any Easter eggs or clue from it.

Has the Multiverse of Madness already started with Loki?

We seriously thought it would be Loki or Wanda who would be the cause of the headache for Doctor Strange and cause the Multiverse of Madness, but boy were we wrong.

This last episode, by the end, did start the multiverse of madness, and many are already nearing the red line, which means that those timelines cannot be reset.

Marvel Reveals New Lady Loki Picture

Which also means that even if TVA does all the damage control, it could, it would still be forced to let out some and thus there will be definite repercussion.

So, we have no idea what’s about to happen going forward and how far these reset charges are going to affect the MCU future.

Now, we know what Doctor Strange and Peter Parker will be dealing with in their movies so, get ready.

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