Marvel Studios and Avengers: Endgame Directors Announce We Love You 3000 Tour

Marvel movies are much loved & they have a huge fan base compared to any other fandom in recent years.

Fans are what made Marvel Cinematic Universe so successful; people worship these superheroes like they are real-life characters & are relatable in some of the aspects to normal people.

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Marvel fans have proven to be the best fans when it comes to following a decade long saga with more than twenty movies.

The fans have made the MCU movie franchise a generation-defining with their passion for all 22 movies.

Marvel Studios have decided to thank the fans have announced “We Love You 3000” tour where the co-directors will participate in fun festivities with fans, do giveaways & give signed merchandise to the fans.

The nation-wide tour will be launched with the in-house release of the film with DVD & Blu-ray options.

The nine-city tour will kick start at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend & conclude at Anaheim as part of Disney’s D23 Expo in August.

The name of the tour is the reference from Tony Stark’s daughter Morgan when she says I love you 3000 to her father during bedtime in the last movie of the Avengers series.

Tony later sacrifices himself to have the universe & leaves a hologram for Morgan which says “I Love You 300”;  Iron Man’s death was the most heartbreaking death in the MCU till date.

The Tour is a big thank you from the director duo to the fans who made it so huge a franchise.

The tour details are written as follows & book your ticket as soon as possible cause it is selling fast for some events.

Tour Details

At San Diego Comic-Con the Avengers director duo Anthony & Joe Russo will come along with some surprise guests will participate in IMD boat behind the convention center.

Cosplay costume guest will be welcome aboard with the Russo brothers & the surprise guests.

They will be able to participate in an exclusive Marvel Studio Photoshoot with Cosplays.

The next stop will be a tour visit to Funko Fan Experience in Seattle with the directors & a Giant game is organized at the Oracle Park in San Francisco.

There will be three best buys in stores in-stores events simultaneously in Torrance, Miami & Chicago.


Here are the date & time details of the tour; similarize yourself with it & be there without fail; so far these are the only details announced.

  • July 20 – This weekend is gonna be awesome with San Diego Comic-con & Russo brothers in for IMD boat tour.

Saturday 13:15 to 14:15.

  • July 30 – The Week starts off with fan experience with Funko Fun.

Tuesday 13:00 to 16:00.

  • August 8 – At Oracle Game Zone; fans will receive limited-edition prints get your tickets now.
  • August 13 – The Best Buy In-Store Events at three cities simultaneously:
  • Chicago
  • Torrance, California
  • Miami
  • August 14 – Minneapolis Buy In-Store Event.
  • August 20 – Cleavland Buy In-Store Event.

A trolley tour is arranged for the fans to visit Marvel Studio’s best shoot places in the city.

  • August 23-25 – Anaheim D23 Expo.

Wrap Up

Hope You people enjoy your fun-filled tour with Co-directors Anthony & Joe Russo. Grab this opportunity to stand right beside the amazing directors & special guest to take a photograph & the giveaways from Marvel Studio.

After all 22 movies have been one hell of a ride for us as fans.

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