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Marvel’s Infinity Saga Trailer Didn’t Include One Major Movie

The Trailer For The Infinity Saga Movies:

The new era or Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is well on its way. It started with the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home. And now, MCU is taking a major victory lap with the new Marvel Infinity Saga box set. We saw the trailer for the Infinity Saga Movies at the SDCC 2019. The same trailer is now available for access online. But there is something missing from it.

There are more than 20 movies that lead up to Endgame, wherein each one acts as a key to the puzzle to defeat Thanos. So, with every movie being shown, it is strange that Black Panther’s logo is not there in the trailer. This is especially because he has fought a lot against Thanos in both Endgame as well as Infinity War.

Black Panther in Marvel movies

We all know that the climactic battle in Infinity War took place in Wakanda. And this was possible only because Black Panther allowed it. He also helps to turn the tide against Thanos in the final battle. Also, Black Panther is a part of the fireman’s relay. He then helps the Stark Gauntlet to replace the stones before Thanos can get them in Endgame. He has also been a crucial character in the final Infinity Saga Movies.

The Marvel Infinity Saga Box Set:

Marvel president Kevin Feige has been teasing fans about a Marvel Infinity Saga box set for a while now. And with the release of this box, fans will now be able to enjoy all the Infinity Saga Movies at a single place. There will be some of the best-deleted scenes from the Infinity Saga Movies in the set. Some of these are scenes which no one has ever seen before.

While there is no release date till now, we can expect it to launch soon.

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