Marvel’s Most Important Avenger- Hercules, Still Missing From MCU

Hercules and MCU

A lot of important announcements were made at the 2019 Disney D23 Expo. These announcements also made clear that Hercules is still missing from the MCU. Marvel Studios has quite a smaller number of Avengers who are still not introduced or utilized. Moreover, Black Knight and She-Hulk, the two legendary members of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have been recently added in the MCU. With this, the numbers of key Avengers are running extremely low.


New and Old Avengers in the MCU:

Currently, the MCU is introducing many characters of Avengers, both in upcoming movies and TV series. Dubbed the “Big Three,” Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor, used to be the center of the MCU during the Infinity Saga.

Marvel’s TV shows also gave fans the opportunity to see the live-action debuts of Crystal and Mockingbird. The introduction of Monica Rambeau and the U.S. Agent followed them later on. Additionally, Moon Knight, She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel will join them in the future Disney Plus line-up of Marvel.

This inclusion means that Marvel’s list of Avengers who are yet to make an appearance in the MCU just became shorter. This is all the more due to the fact that a lot of the classic Avengers have already been introduced.

Wonder Man, Starfox, Swordsman, and Beast are some Avengers with neither any introduction nor any representation until now. This also includes Hercules, the most important of all Avengers, who the MCU has not used yet.


Hercules VS the Other Avengers

Hercules is one of the strongest heroes of Marvel and also Thor’s rival. He joined the Avengers in the late 1960s. Hercules remained with the group when they fought battles with Namor, Magento, and the Reg Guardian. He was also an off-and-on member of the Avengers from 1984 to 1996, which was his longest stay with them.

He has played many important and pivotal roles in the biggest stories of the Avengers. This includes “Under Siege,” an event wherein the supervillain team of Baron Zemo’s Masters of Evil nearly beat Hercules to death.

This is a team that has its original appearance in the early issues of The Avengers’ Comics. Also known as the Prince of Power, Hercules is the strongest being amongst the Olympians.

How Is Hercules Different from Other Superheroes?

For a superhero, Hercules is extremely lazy, as well as a womanizer and a heavy drinker. He also boasts a lot about his heroic accomplishments. All of these qualities tend to make him stand out in the world of superheroes.

These qualities also differentiate the Greek demigod from Thor, his Norse counterpart in the Marvel Comics. Thor shares the incredible strength of Hercules as well as immortality. However, there is a thin line between them that has been significantly blurred.

This is due to the changes in Thor’s character in Thor: Ragnarok. This could potentially make the MCU version of Hercules quite unnecessary and useless.

A demigod who is lazy and arrogant and also offers comedy reliefs from time to time could potentially fit very nicely into Thor: Love and Thunder. He could be a good choice even for any other film that follows it.

Moreover, we hope that MCU is planning to make a live-action debut for the Lion of Olympus sometime in the near future. If so, Marvel Studios could add another name to its list of classic Avengers in the MCU.

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