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Marvel’s What If..? Storyline On Multiverse Will Be More Important Than Loki


Marvel's What If..?

Marvel Studios released the first episode of What If..? Last Wednesday in Disney+. MCU fans will get to know even more of the multiverse created in Loki in the coming weeks, with characters taking on completely different identities from what we know. In the first episode of What If…? we saw Hayley Atwell’s character taking over as Captain Carter, referring to Captain Britan for the first time on the MCU, and success seems to have already arrived. Rumors suggest that a solo movie of the character was being considered.

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What If…? it has already revealed itself as an anthological production by Marvel, a series that will cover different timelines of the new MCU and further expand the concept of variants we saw in Loki a few weeks ago.

According to Brad Winderbaum, the executive producer, the animated series is intertwined with all Marvel productions and the series and live-action films. Many thought that because it was a drawing, What If…? would not influence the MCU, but it looks like this will be different.

The first episode had a story, with Peggy Carter taking the super-soldier serum in place of Steve Rogers. However, many other features of the series have already gained spoilers on merchandise released. We already know that T’Challa will become Star-Lord, Loki could become the king of Asgard, and Doctor Strange will face a dark version of himself.

The Connection Between Loki and What If..?

From Loki Season Finale

There is a possibility that What If…? can tell a much bigger story than fans are really expecting, further expanding the wave of new content from Phase 4. The connection between What If…? and other MCU projects has already been established in Loki, which opened the door for the new project. Brad Winderbaum explained that when Loki was released, it went even deeper into MCU, and the What If…? developed its production from there.

“We spoke with Loki’s team and with Stephen Broussard, Kevin Wright, and the others. We had a lot of conversations about the Multiverse and how it works, as well as its timeline ramifications and nexus events. We did the same with Mary Livanos from WandaVision. And I think this was not just to establish how things are going to be, but to create a rulebook for all these stories. The Multiverse is advancing, and we are just in the middle of it. Don’t forget that we’re just in the middle of the multiverse.”

Also, remember that all Marvel’s What If..? productions will be connected to the MCU in general, with stories related by a timeline and opening the possibility for more and more characters.

What If..? The first episode is exclusively available on Disney Plus.

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