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5 Marvel Weapon Upgrades That Were Better Than The Original & 5 That Sucked



MCU Weapons In The Marvel Cinematic Universe, And Their Upgrades:

In the world of Marvel Superheroes, there are many powerful MCU Weapons for combatting all sorts of villains. From claws to hammers, and even web-shooters, there is no scarcity of powerful weapon designs in the Marvel Universe.

From time to time, these various weapons also get an upgrade. Moreover, sometimes, these upgrades greatly enhance the original weapon. And sometimes, they simply suck. Read on below to find out the top five Marvel weapon upgrades that were better than the original. Also, find the top five that simply sucked.

1. The Jarnbjorn Is One Of The MCU Weapons That Greatly Sucked:


Thor started going by the name Odinson when he lost his ability to wield the Mjolnir. This is the time when Jane Foster became quite worthy to wield the hammer. Subsequently, she became the new, female Thor. Now, Thor was left without a weapon to wield in combat. Eventually, we see him go out in search of a replacement.

Now, the weapon he came up with was an axe called Jarnbjorn. And it wasn’t exactly an improvement upon the original. It was a capable weapon, yes, but nowhere near the mighty power of Mjolnir.

2. However, The Nega-Bands Was Something That Made The Weapon Better:

The Nega-Bands were the chosen weapons of Kree soldier Captain Mar-Vell. Furthermore, these can harness energy from the Negative Zone. Moreover, they have also served for a long time as powerful tools for cosmic combat.

Soon after Mar-Vell’s death, Shi’ar scientists got a hold of these powerful weapons. Instead of using them as they were, the Shi’ar broke down the bands. They then refashioned them into the Nega-Bomb, which is an even more powerful weapon.

3. One Of The Upgraded Marvel Weapons Which Greatly Sucked Was Cap’s, Energy Shield:

Captain America has had a wide variety of different shields over the years. It also had various designs. Moreover, the shield also had various differing applications. However, one thing has always remained constant. It is the fact that nothing ever beats the original shield. In saying so, it was nice to use a shield made entirely out of photon energy. However, this new version simply wasn’t as powerful as the classic shield’s adamantium/vibranium blend.

4. Web-Shooters Are The MCU Weapons Which Were Better Than The Original:

There is one thing which we should really know about Peter Parker. He is more of a scientific genius than most give him credit for. This is because he invented both of his web-shooters as well as the web fluid that these shooters utilized.

Throughout the years, we have seen many upgrades of these web-shooters. The current ones are one of the most capable pair of non-lethal weapons in the entire Marvel universe. And this is all thanks to Peter’s many upgrades due to his genius ingenuity.

5. Iron Man’s Hydro Suit Is Also A Weapon Upgrade That Sucked:

Over the past decades, Iron Man has created a countless number of power suits in his fight against villains. And each of these suits has been designed for a specific purpose. However, there is one suit that seems ridiculous, to be honest. And that is the Hydro Suit. It has a design such that Stark can travel underwater. But that is irrelevant, especially considering that most of his suits already have underwater travel capabilities.

6. Regardless, Iron Man’s Extremis Armor Was Definitely A Better Upgrade For Marvel Weapons:

Iron Man’s upgrade to the Extremis Armor is an absolute hit. His first step into nanotechnology, the Extremis Armor was the bleeding-edge tech. furthermore, it brought biotech to the forefront, especially where weapons technology was concerned. In saying so, Tony Stark has yet to make a set of Armor more powerful than this one.

The Extremis Armor vastly increased Iron Man’s strength. Additionally, it also gave him a wide variety of weapons to choose from. Due to the nanotechnology behind it, it was also one of his most invulnerable suits to date. Simply put, the Extremis Armor made Iron Man nearly unbeatable.

7. The Suction Cup Arrows Were Also A Huge Flop:

Hawkeye has many trick arrows that help make him an Avengers-level hero. And his aim is what makes him so great. It is known to match with many incredible weapons in the MCU. However, his aim, along with some of the Marvel Weapons make him a very formidable opponent. This is because each trick arrow serves as an upgrade over his traditional, regular arrows.

However, not all of these upgrades are great. One of Clint Barton’s worst arrow upgrades were his suction cup arrows. They looked like something out of a Looney Toons episode. No one can ever take these arrows seriously.

8. Daredevil’s Billy Clubs Are Still Some Of The Better MCU Weapons Made:

Daredevil originally patrolled the mean streets of Hell’s Kitchen with a pair of batons. He used to take simply made, blunt sticks to beat down the criminals prowling New York’s streets at night. These weapons were slowly upgraded over the years until they became his signature weapons. Subsequently, they started to be known as the billy clubs.

Daredevil uses them for many things. He can turn them into a pair of deadly batons. Furthermore, he can also combine them to create a pair of nun-chucks. Regardless of the case, the Billy Vluns remain of the most iconic upgrades of MCU Weapons.

9. Finally, The Neural Sword Also Sucked A Great Deal:

Dane Whitman’s Black Knight is one of the more respected heroes in the entire superhero community. While he is quite skilled in physical combat, it is his Ebony Blade that really sets him apart. According to sources, he had, at one point, decided to give up on using the sword. Instead, he opted for a more technological weapon known as the Neural Sword.

The Neural Sword is made up of a laser beam and can cut through all sorts of non-living matter. However, when it comes to living beings, it can only tase them. Therefore, it isn’t quite as powerful as the Knight’s former weapon.

10. Wolverine’s Claws, Which Were Any Day Better Than The Original:

Wolverine’s claws are one of the most indestructible weapons wielded by any Marvel superhero. They can withstand all kinds of physical damage. Moreover, they can also cut through almost anything. However, it was surprising to find out that his claws had been given an upgrade after he came back from death. They were made of the near-indestructible adamantium. But, after the upgrade, they could also be heated up to incredibly hot temperatures.

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