Me & Roboco Chapter 59: Release Date, Spoilers, Leaks & More!

Me & Roboco Chapter 59

Me & Roboco Chapter 59 is set to release soon. Fans waiting for the upcoming chapter can read on to find out more details about the upcoming chapter.

Me & Roboco Chapter 59 Release Date

The upcoming Chapter of Me & Roboco is confirmed! The series is set to release its latest chapter on October 3, 2021. Save the date as your favorite series will return this Sunday!

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Me & Roboco Chapter 58 Recap

Here’s a recap on what happened in Me & Roboco Chapter 58.


Gorilla and Motsuo are playing in Bondo’s room. Within the next moment, things go sideways. Roboco enters the room carrying chocolate snacks. She asks them which one they’d prefer- Kinoko No Yama or Takenoko No Sato. 

This sparks a huge argument as the duo does not share the same opinion. Gorilla thinks that Kinoko is superior while Mostuo disagrees. He feels that Takenoko is the better one.Me & Roboco Chapter 59

Gorilla presents the argument that you don’t need a napkin to eat a Kinoko. You can pick it up by the stem and eat it without touching the chocolate. After hearing this, Roboco yells “Advantage – Kinoko No Yama.”

However, Motsuo is also not one to back down from this fight. He defends his beloved Takenoko. He tricks Gorilla by offering him his takenoko. The Takenoko can be passed around easily as they don’t roll around when they’re upright


With neither of them giving up, Roboco further adds fuel to the flame. She asks them binary questions in the hope that they’ll reach a conclusion when both Motsuo and Gorilla finally share the same opinion over something. But the two don’t seem to have anything in common.

In the end, Bondo devises a plan to get them to stop fighting. He makes them deliberate over who they think is cooler. Surprisingly both Gorilla and Motsuo think the other is cooler. This causes a revelation between the two. 

The chapter ends with the trio weeping over the friendship they have. Katsuo agrees that Kinoko’s are tasty and Gorilla says the same for Takenoko.

Me & Roboco Chapter 59


Me & Roboco Chapter 59 Spoilers

Unfortunately, the raw scan of Me & Roboco Chapter 59 is still not out at the time of writing this article. However, we can expect the raw scans to be released in 2 to 3 days’ time. Once the raw scans are released, we will get an idea of what’s in store for the upcoming chapter of Me & Roboco Chapter 59.

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Where to Read Me & Roboco

You can access the official version of Me & Roboco from Viz Media and Manga Plus.



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