‘Mewkledreamy Mix!’: Sanrio announces new season for Mewkledreamy series


The “Sanrio Thanks Party 2020” took place on Friday, 04 December—and Sanrio announced that the TV anime of the Mewkledreamy character line will be getting a new season, titled ‘Mewkledreamy Mix!’ No further details have been revealed.

The Mewkledreamy anime airs every Sunday on the Tokyo TV network at 10.30. The first season of the series started broadcasting on April 5 in Japan, but only four episodes were released before production was delayed on May 3 due to the COVID-19 virus. As such, those four episodes were re-aired from May 3 to May 24, with the new episode airing on May 31. It has 31 episodes so far, with the 32nd scheduled for release on December 6.


The plot centers on middle school girl Yume—she sees something fall from the sky, which turns out to be a pale violet-colored kitty named Mew. Mew has the power of ‘Yume Synchro’ (Dream Synchro), that is, the power to enter dreams. The queen of Miracle Dreamy Kingdom appeared in Yume’s dream, telling her that if Yume and Mew can collect enough Dream Stones in the dream world, the queen would grant her one wish.

TV anime "Mewkledreamy" visual
Poster for the ‘Mewkledreamy’ anime.

The anime is directed by Hiroaki Sakurai (UFO Baby, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., Di Gi Charat), and Hiroko Kanazuki is the script writer. Yuji Matsukura is the animation producer, with Mai Furuki as the character designer. Maria Sawada has sung both the opening and ending theme songs— “Mirai Kuru Kuru Yume Kururu!” and “Tokimeki Collector”, respectively. The music composer is Ruka Kawada (Idolmaster). J.C. Staff is the animation studio responsible for the anime.

Mewkledreamy is a character franchise launched by Sanrio in 2017, illustrated by character designer Mayumi Yanagita. It also has a manga, which is being serialised in two of Kodansha’s magazines, Otomodachi and Tanoshii Yōchien since their April 2020 issues.

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