Mieruko-chan Episode 12 Release Date And Spoilers

The previous episode featured Zen Tohno’s background story. It showed his flashbacks of his childhood and how he had to suffer under the thumb of his controlling mother. Zen is redeemed in this episode as Miko now understands that he’s just a misunderstood guy and not someone who goes around abusing cats.

This episode really proves that we can’t judge a book by its cover. Also the friendship between Miko and Hana is so heartwarming as Miko is ready to put herself in danger for the sake of her friend. Curious about Mieruko-chan Episode 12? Read on!

Mieruko-chan Episode 12 Release Date 

Mieruko-chan Episode 12 is scheduled to release on Sunday, December 19th, 2021.

Recap of Mieruko-chan Episode 11

Episode 11 deals with flashbacks of Zen’s childhood story and shows that he’s not the bad person Miko suspected him to be but someone who’s misunderstood. The beginning of the episode showed how Zen’s mother would hold him back from playing like other normal kids, even forbidding him from attending a friend’s birthday party.

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Zen’s mother controlled him so much to the point that she wasn’t satisfied even when he scored 98 on a test. Back to the present, Miko follows him after school because she wants to help Hana who is increasingly showing signs of being unwell and she thinks what Hana is experiencing is connected to Zen.

As Zen heads into a dark alley and attempts to pet a stray cat, Miko suddenly shouts at him to stop on reflex because she’s afraid he might hurt the cat. Zen then remembers Miko as the girl who didn’t choose him for the cat adoption. Miko then runs off with the stray cat with Zen following, but when the cat escapes her hold, Zen immediately jumps in to save the cat from a speeding vehicle.

The next scene cuts to the hospital, and Zen’s childhood flashback unravels more, proving that he was never the one abusing the cats in the area. Even from his childhood days, he adores cats and takes one in, caring for the cat and feeding it, all the while hiding it from his mother.

But one day, when he returns home, he finds that his mother has killed his cat. This shocks both Miko and us viewers as we realize we’ve been perceiving Zen in a wrong light all along. A doctor friend of Zen also changes Miko’s perspective on Zen as he talks about Zen’s compassion for cats and his troubled childhood due to his controlling mother.

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Then, Miko realizes that the monster who has been tagging along near Zen all this time from the previous episodes is actually Zen’s deceased mother. Miko makes a firm decision and makes amends with Zen asking him if he would like to adopt the cat he saved when he gets discharged since he likes cats. And then, she bravely tells the monster to finally set Zen free.

The monster realizes Miko can see her and chases after her. But, thankfully, the shrine twin spirits arrive and get rid of the monster. The episode then ends with Miko realizing that this counts as the third and final time they save her from danger.

What Can We Expect from Mieruko-chan Episode 12? 

There are no spoilers available at the time of writing. The title of the upcoming episode is “The Girl Who Can See”.

Where to Watch Mieruko-chan Episode 12 Online? 

You can stream the series on sites such as Funimation. It is also available on Wakanim in Scandinavian countries. You can also watch the latest episodes on iQIYI and Muse Asia’s YouTube channel.


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