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Mirzapur Quiz: Let’s See Your Preparation For Mirzapur Season 2


On which date did Mirzapur first aired?

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Rati Shankar Shukla was killed in which state?

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3. Who plays the role of Guddu’s wife?

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How many episodes are in the first season of Mirzapur?

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What is the name of the third episode of Mirzapur?

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In this line what is refered as 'Bawaal' - "Abbey Bawaal Cheez Hai, System Hil Jaata Hai"?

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What was the initial Scene of Mirzapur?

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"Phat Gayi Hai Uski, Jane Dijiye" Who said these lines?

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What was Barfi reffered as in the Series?

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Which of the following is not the author of this series?

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Mirzapur QUIZ


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