Mobius & Multiversal Mayhem Coming to Deadpool Threequel?


Owen Wilson’s Mobius played a pivotal role in Season 1 of Loki, but it appears that he may be set for his MCU movie debut in Deadpool 3 according to a new rumor.

Deadpool 3 is currently in the early stages of development and already making headlines with its cast due to the inclusion of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Fans are looking forward to finding out what other names from the MCU and the Fox universe will join, particularly with the Multiverse set to help bring Wade Wilson and James Howlett into the Marvel Studios narrative.

That Multiversal storyline was first explored in 2021’s Loki, with Season 1 ending on a massive cliffhanger as multiple dimensions and realities branched off into countless new storylines in Episode 6. Helping lead the way in the effort to fix that problem in Season 2 is Mobius, the Time Variance Authority’s top field agent, as he and the God of Mischief work through the mysteries that lie ahead in the Multiverse.


And now, it appears that one of those mysteries is set to lead Mobius into an MCU movie that will explore what the Multiverse is truly capable of bringing.

Mobius Reportedly Part of Deadpool 3 Cast

A new rumor from scooper Daniel Richtman’s Patreon account, via Twitter user @DeadpoolUpdate, revealed that Owen Wilson is set to reprise his role as Mobius in Marvel Studios’ Deadpool 3.

While nothing has been made official yet, Wilson is said to have “a big role” in Ryan Reynolds’ MCU threequel following his return to Disney+ in 2023’s Loki Season 2:


“Owen Wilson will have a big role in Deadpool 3. He will reprise his role as Mobius from Loki.”

Should this be true, Wilson would be Deadpool 3’s fourth confirmed cast member along with Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool), Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), and Leslie Uggams (Blind Al).

Mobius & Multiversal Mayhem Coming to Deadpool Threequel?

With Deadpool 3 now in the early stages of pre-production ahead of its November 2024 release date, Marvel Studios is pulling together the MCU threequel’s cast along with the story the team wants to tell with that cast. And considering that the Multiverse will already be in play with Wolverine and Deadpool in a new universe, it’s not shocking that Mobius may find his way into the story too with the Sacred Timeline now branching off in numerous directions.

Deadpool 3 will also have to answer the question regarding Logan’s “alive” status, as Ryan Reynolds confirmed that this story won’t take anything away from Wolverine’s death in 2017’s Logan. That means that the Merc With a Mouth will have to pluck the clawed mutant from a point in the timeline where he’s still alive, likely leading to Mobius joining the team in order to keep the timeline branching to an ablate minimum.


No matter how Owen Wilson plays into the plot, he’ll be yet another comedic expert added to the mix as he learns just how wild and crazy Deadpool stories get, especially with the unkillable mutant now making himself at home in the MCU. Only time will tell how exactly they’ll work together to accomplish whatever goal is laid out for them, but there are sure to be more than a few laughs as the MCU prepares for its round of Deadpool-based mockery.

Deadpool 3 is set to release in theaters on November 8, 2024.

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