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Momentary Lily Release Announced by GoHands Studio

momentary lily

On Thursday, Studio GoHands revealed a new original anime project called “Momentary Lily” along with a teaser visual, trailer, and a premiere for January 2025. They’ve also launched a website and an X (formerly Twitter) account, but details about the staff, cast, and synopsis are still pending. The visual features the phrase “Our daily life is always fun.”

Established in 2008, GoHands is an animation studio known for producing several anime adaptations such as “Student Council Staff Members” (Seitokai Yakuindomo), “Princess Lover!”, “Coppelion”, “Project Scard: Scar on the Praeter”, and “Mardock Scramble”. They also collaborated with GoRA to create the TV anime adaptation of “K Project”, which debuted in October 2013.

Momentary Lily Would be GoHands’ First Original Series in Years

GoHands and Shochiku are the creative minds behind the new title, set in deserted Tokyo. The tagline reads, “Our every day, is fun anywhere.”

The anime marks GoHands’ first original project since 2019’s W’z. Their previous original titles include the K series (two seasons, a movie, and a movie series), Coppelion, and Handshakers (the predecessor of W’z). Their most recent productions include 2023’s The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today and The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses. A poster of the latter can be seen in the Momentary Lily visual.

The Visuals of the Teaser

In the illustration, two high school girls are seen chatting atop a building. The background depicts Shibuya, Japan, showcasing the famous Shibuya crossing and the 109 building.

At the conclusion of the preview for the anime series Momentary Lily, viewers catch a glimpse of a blonde-haired woman, likely the protagonist of the show. The video wraps up by revealing the January 2025 release date for the anime.

The storyline of the Momentary Lily anime unfolds in Japan. The PV for this anime, produced by GoHands, kicks off with captivating, animated shots of urban Japan.

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