Moon Girl’s MCU Multiverse Connection Explained

The Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur cartoon on Disney Channel likely just cemented its place in the greater MCU Multiverse with its latest episode.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is a more recent Marvel animated series aimed toward a younger audience. The show follows Lunella Lafayette and her trusty partner, a gigantic, red Tyrannosaurus Rex called Devil Dinosaur.

Despite its target demographic of elementary school-aged children, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur has had a bit of crossover appeal, as many adults have found some joy in the animated show as well. And in terms of bigger crossovers, the next week’s episode marks a special appearance from an established MCU character.

The next episode of Marvel and Disney Channel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, which airs on Saturday, April 15 features a guest role for Dr. Bill Foster (via Collider.) Luna calls him asking for help in returing Devil Dinosaur to his proper size after having been shrunk down.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Foster previously appeared in live-action portrayed by Laurence Fishburne in 2018’s Ant-Man and the Wasp. In Moon Girl, the character is also voiced by Fishburne.

Dr. Foster sends a formula to Lunella to cure the now-diminutive Devil Dinosaur:

Check out a clip from the episode below:

Moon Girl’s MCU Multiverse Connection Explained

So, does this mean that the animated program is set in the MCU? Far from it, but it does, however, indicate that it‘s part of the vast MCU Multiverse since Laurence Fishburne is portraying a Variant of his Ant-Man 2 character.

For the uninitiated, Variants are just as they sound; they’re other versions of characters that exist in alternate timelines and dimensions. Sometimes, they’re each played by the same actor but other times, they’re not.

Marvel has actually paid special interest to keep the rules of their Multiverse consistent across all of its live-action and animated properties, so it’s perfectly logical that Bill Foster could crop up here.

It was previously stated that Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur would be “complementary” to the MCU despite not actually, officially being a part of it. As such, Cobie Smulders will also voice MCU regular Maria Hill during the show’s first season.

Laurence Fishburne has also recently expressed interest in returning to the MCU proper as he makes his unexpected return in this show.

It’s been reported that his Bill Foster has a role in the upcoming second season of What If…? but no further live-action appearances are confirmed for him. Perhaps this could change with Marvel Studios’ Thunderbolts, given his close ties to Ava Starr, aka Ghost.

It’s interesting to note that Fishburne plays an additional character in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, voicing the cosmic trickster known as the Beyonder in several other episodes.

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