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Moon Knight Costume Leaked! Reveals The First Look Of Marc Spector

For a few hours now, what is described as the first image of the “Moon Knight” series has circulated on the Internet. It is an image that shows us what the suit of the next Marvel heroes would look like.

The image, whose source some dismiss as dubious, offers a close-up with the Marvel Property watermark. This allows us to see the outfit in detail that actor Oscar Isaac would wear.

Here’s The First Look Of Mr. Knight

( The photo had to be taken down for some strict reason )

As we can see, it looks like a very comic design, but at the same time, it distances itself in some aspects. For example, we can see white eyes, something used a lot in comics for superheroes but is not always included in movies (in the case of Batman), or we have that unique clothing fabric that hides the hero’s logo a bit.

The show will follow Marc Spector, a former CIA agent saved by the Moon God Khonshu, on a mission and becomes the human avatar of the Egyptian deity on Earth. As far as superhero origins go, it’s definitely one of the more out-there ones.

Moon Knight Release Date

No release date has been confirmed yet, and there are a fair few series ahead of it in the production line, though a planned 2022 release has been reported.

The series was initially intended to start filming in November 2020 in Atlanta, but ongoing coronavirus restrictions may have slowed production while Disney concentrates on earlier series. Filming later began in April 2021.

According to producer Kevin Feige, Moon Knight will consist of six episodes, each clocking in between 40-50 minutes.

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