Most Inspirational Pro Heroes In My Hero Academia

The characters in My Hero Academia are some of the most heroic characters in anime. This is especially true of the Pro Heroes. Here is everything you need to know about the most inspirational pro heroes in My Hero Academia.

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Gang Orca Knows The Importance Of Meeting People At Their Level

Gang Orca is a rather terrifying-looking Hero due to his orca Quirk. However, Gang Orca is quite gentle and has an innate sense of how to reach people. This is most clearly demonstrated when he leads the remedial group for the second Provisional Licensing exam.

Gang Orca paired his heroes-in-training with an unruly kindergarten class to teach his students how to meet people at their level. Gang Orca challenges his students to think more about the people they are saving.

All Might Inspired Generations

All Might is considered one of the greatest heroes of all time. His exceptional heroism against terrifying odds cements his status as The Symbol of Peace. His feats are so renowned that he has become synonymous with being a Hero.

All Might’s actions inspired generations to enter the hero field. It creating an idealistic new group of students eager to pick up where he left off. All Might’s continued fight for peace demonstrates how one man’s actions can cause a positive ripple effect throughout the world.

Ingenium Nearly Gives The Ultimate Sacrifice

Ingenium is one in a long line of Iida family Heroes. He was always known for his charming personality and fast reaction time. However, he tragically loses the use of his legs in an encounter with the Hero killer, Stain.

Though he can never be a hero again, Ingenium encourages others to pick up the slack. He even asks his younger brother Tenya to be his successor. Ingenium knows the importance of Hero work and pays a heavy price for the cause.

Hawks Dreams Of A Better Future

Despite being the second-best Pro Hero, Hawks has a seemingly lackadaisical outlook on Hero work. His goal is for the world to be so secure that Heroes will not have to patrol anymore. Though it seems like a far-off dream, many are beginning to realize how idyllic his vision sounds.

Additionally, Hawks is the youngest Pro Hero to make it into the Top Ten. He may have had a head start in his training, but very often, Hawks proves that he earns his spot. His continued bravery during covert missions and overall skills in battle make him a cool and impressive Pro Hero to look up to.

Shota Aizawa Protects His Students At All Costs

Shota Aizawa is not only a Pro Hero but a teacher as well. Though he rarely admits it, Aizawa is very attached to his students. However, that does not mean that he is easy on them.

Aizawa ensures that his students learn hard lessons early so that they can be the best versions of themselves. Furthermore, Aizawa is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his students from harm. He even lets the villainous Shiguraki disintegrate part of his arm to protect one of his students from another foe.

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