Know Your MHA Character: Mt.Lady


Mt.Lady is a pro hero in the My Hero Academia Universe. Her real name is Yu Takeyama. She is the number 23 hero and also a member of the Lurkers.

According to the Manga, Yu was born on August 11 and is 24 years old.

Yu is a voluptuous hero with attractive features. She has long blonde hair with long eyelashes. Her hero costume is a purple skin-tight bodysuit with purple accents. She also dons a purple mask with horn-like protrusions on either side.

As a result of her looks, she has massive sex appeal and enjoys the limelight. She is not ashamed to steal the glory and is also quite lecherous, lewd, and vain. She is known to use her appeal to obtain things she wants.

Mt-lady and lady midnight

However, she is not careless as she uses her quirk very carefully and she is also shown to be selfless when it comes to hero work.

Her Quirk is Gigantification which allows her to grow in size. However, she cannot grow to various heights. Mt.Lady can only retain her normal height of 162 cm or her gigantic height of 2062 cm.

Her hero custom is a special suit that grows and shrinks with her quirk.

Originally Yu was supposed to be part of the main cast, occupying the role of Ochaco Uraraka. She was created using Ochaco’s prototype animation. Her original design had shorter hair and a mask without horns. She also had a different costume design.

Yu in kanji stands for tall mountain or mountain peak and her hero name and hero moves name are all references to geographical landforms.

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