Mushoku Tensei Wraps Up Season On An Emotional Note

The final episode of Mushoku Tensei seriously messed with our feelings. So many fans of the series are already taking to online discussion forums and talking about sad post-anime feels. Mushoku Tensei has only just wrapped up and people are already missing it. This speaks volumes about the series’ impact.

In Mushoku Tensei finale, the parallels shown between Rudeus’s past and present life was the major focus. The extreme bouts of bullying he underwent in his previous life made him a social recluse as he shut himself from the outside world. In his present life yet again, he is shown to similarly shut himself in his tent.

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However, this time, it doesn’t take long before Rudeus picks himself up and figures out what his next step should be. This is a key point in Rudeus’s characterization as he himself is the one who decides to move forward, and not through someone else’s help.

This final episode also offers viewers a coherent idea of what the next point in Rudeus’ journey would be. Also, the ending credits served as a nice addition to tease us viewers about what’s in store next.

Rudeus will depart on a journey in search of his mother, Zenith. As Kirishika already informed Roxy, Zenith is currently staying in the Bergarit Continent. Kirishika couldn’t find out the specifics however, because Zenith is apparently inside a labyrinth.

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There are some reports that Season 2 of Mushoku Tensei will probably adapt starting from volume 7 onwards of the light novel series. Rudeus will enroll in the Ranoa Magic University and then meet some unexpected people there.

There’s still a lot left to explore in Rudeus’s journey. And with so many loose ends that need tying up, we know that Rudeus and his friends will work hard on their separate endeavours and come back together even stronger.

Also, a major takeaway from the events of the last two episodes is that Eris obviously plays a big role in Rudeus’ life, even more so now than before. So although Rudeus will be embarking on a new adventure, Eris’s memories will continue to haunt him. It will be interesting to see how Rudeus copes with this.

The finale offered us a satisfying conclusion for now, with a peek into all the characters’ headspace. We learn that just as much as Rudeus thinks about Eris, so does she too.

She confesses that she always relied on Rudeus but now it’s time for her to become so strong as to be able to defeat Dragon God. That way, she can protect Rudeus herself. She plans to go and meet him again someday.

The finale also revealed the first clue about Zenith’s whereabouts and Rudeus’ departure to go search for his mother. So with everything considered, the series really ended on a note that left fans craving for way more and isn’t that the best way to wrap things up?

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