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My Hero Academia: 5 Power Quirks That Are Situationally Useful

Here is everything you need to know about My Hero Academia: 5 power Quirks that are situationally useful.

Fat Absorption

Fatgum’s aptly named “Fat Absorption” Quirk allows him to withstand the abuse of his enemies. Concentrating whatever physical force he had taken in and reflecting it at them in a single devastating attack. Superficially, this makes him an excellent defensive hero, as seen through his battle against Rappa.

However, his Quirk does not account for elemental attacks or ones that don’t target his physical body. As a result, there is a galling weakness in what should have been an impervious hero – especially considering the time he needs to harness his Quirk as a weapon.

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Metal Manipulation

Metal Manipulation was the default Quirk of Wolfram, which allowed him to control the alloys of whatever steel was in his vicinity. After his Quirk and body had been augmented, he posed a serious challenge against the likes of Midoriya and All Might, even when their efforts were combined.

However, he is only as strong as the metal he can physically touch. Should the battle occur in a grassy sward, he is essentially powerless to thwart his opponents without using the steel he carries on his person. Even with it, his limited arsenal minimizes his Quirk’s viability.


Tsuyu Asui’s “Frog” Quirk has permanently changed her body to accommodate the animal’s likeness, which shares its namesake. It grants her pliable legs and a long tongue, rendering her a moderately useful fighter.

However, it was evident through her battle against Innsmouth and Shigaraki’s first attack on U.A. High that her skills are only profoundly useful in the water. Though she isn’t helpless on dry land, she ranks among the weakest of Class 1-A’s students without a terrain advantage in her battles.

Dark Shadow

The Quirk of Tokoyami, Dark Shadow, was a monstrous apparition that followed his master wherever he went and did his bidding. He was a beneficial asset in both offense and defense, stretching his body to provide Fumikage, an incredible ranged advantage against most opponents.

As a result, his Quirk is well-rounded and viable when confronting virtually any threat. However, it has a massive caveat that jeopardizes his future as a professional hero – he is unable to control his own Quirk in darkness.

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Lock Down

The Quirk of Rock Lock, Lock Down, can touch any physical object and freeze it in stasis. For example, if a steel band was bent from an enormous amount of physical force, he could permanently keep it in its distorted state. Further, he was also able to suspend objects in mid-air to create unlikely platforms by which he can “fly.”

Though this makes him an excellent support character, his abilities are only situationally useful against opponents like Kamui Woods or arguably Yaoyorozu – both individuals who are on the same side.

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