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My Hero Academia Chapter 380 Spoilers: Aizawa’s Disappearance

About My Hero Academia

Kōhei Horikoshi has written and illustrated this Japanese manga series. It was first serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump in July 2014, there are 27 volumes. The story is set in a world where most people have supernatural abilities known as “Quirks”.

The main character, Izuku Midoriya, is born without a Quirk but dreams of becoming a hero. He is eventually scouted by the world’s greatest hero and offered the chance to attend U.A. High School, a prestigious academy for training heroes. The series has been well-received both in Japan and internationally

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My Hero Academia Chapter 379 Recap

The chapter begins with a flashback to the Central Hospital just after Kurogiri woke up. Everyone is screaming and Doctor Mario said that Nagant couldn’t go moving around, but she tells him to shut up and tell her the enemy’s location. The doctor says he can’t tell her since she’s in custody.

But Nagant says that Midoriya asked her to fight alongside them. Rock Lock then shows up and says that he will allow her to join the war. He hands her a device that contains all information about the villains. Nagant says that she wants to pay back Hawks and Deku for bringing her out of the darkness.

My Hero Academia 379 continues as suddenly, fingers start coming out of his mouth. The fingers represent Shigaraki. He laughs at AFO and says that his plan to use others didn’t work out. He also says that he knows that AFO only raised him to piss off All Might and then to use his hatred to steal One for All.

The fusion seemed to have worked, but Shigaraki kept his “origin” hidden deep within his heart.AFO despairs and tries to order Kurogiri to teleport him to where his true body is, but Kurogiri begins to glitch. He says he needs to protect Shigaraki, but we slowly start to see more of Shirakumo’s face as he says “who… where…. friend…”

Shigaraki said that he doesn’t need AFO. His heart will never surrender, just like Nagant’s or Gentles. Later he ends his speech with “our wish is to destroy everything that has to do with that house” as he smiles and his hair returns to its normal length.

He then says “and that’s the only thing that will save me, hero”, but Deku has already pulled him out of the flying U.A. Gentle and Mirio is confused, but he said that now that Shigaraki has all his quirks, the flying coffin became useless. Deku says “I won’t let you do that.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 380 Spoilers: Aizawa’s Disappearance

My Hero Academia Chapter 380 begins with Gentle Criminal warning La Brava that his Air Trampoline is getting weaker. However, La Brava is yet to finish coding the new program. Gentle notices the business department students standing at the edge of the fortress and filming him.

When he tells them to go inside, they reply that they won’t fail in their duty to present the truth of the heroes to the people. Meanwhile, La Brava completes her program and gets the flying fortress back in the air. Inspired by the students’ speech, she starts a live stream, broadcasting what has been happening at UA.

At that moment, one of the Twice clones says they must eliminate all heroes and pushes Aizawa off the floating island. Present Mic jumps out to catch him and they both disappear into one of Kurogiri’s portals. Kaminari says that Kurogiri saved the two teachers, while Mandalay counters that they are now without Erasure.

All hope is hinged on the outcome of Deku’s battle with Shigaraki. Meanwhile, Tomura has broken free of BlackWhip and Deku is seen using Fa Jin to counter him.

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Where to read?

You can read all of My Hero Academia’s chapters on websites like Viz Media and MangaPlus. However, you need a monthly membership to access more than three chapters.

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