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My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 301: Release Date And Fan Expectations

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime series that’s trending these days. There are so many anime shows that have captured fans’ attention, but My Hero Academia truly does offer a fresh take on the usual tropes of shonen manga/anime. A lot of reputable sites, including Crunchyroll has listed the series as one of the best series of the 2010s.

So it goes without saying that since the anime has a large following, many people also actively read the manga. With Chapter 300 having been released, fans are curiously waiting for the next update. Will it be as emotional and chaotic in Chapter 301? Read on to get spoilers!

When Will Chapter 301 Of My Hero Academia Manga Be Released?

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 is set to be released on February 14, 2021.

Everything That Went Down In My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 300! 

To give a short account of what’s happening in Chapter 300, here is what the official Twitter account of Shonen Jump posted:

‘My Hero Academia, Ch. 300: Violent aftershocks of the recent battle reverberate through the hero world.’

The current events of the manga are really serious and emotional. The city is in utter chaos and the statue of All Might has been defaced.

Prisoners, including Stain, are now out in the open and wreaking havoc while many heroes have quit due to receiving backlash from the citizens. Wash, however, is still performing his duties paying no mind to the public disapproval.

Yoroi Musha has also retired which is probably the worst timing. Also, the Todoroki family drama is getting intense as a meeting is being called. The readers also get to see Endeavor going through a break down and feeling guilty for the sins he’s committed.

Rei is quick to shut this down as it’s not the time to dwell on past mistakes and engage in self-pity. Meanwhile, civilians are fighting for themselves and taking matters into their own hands.

What Is Expected To Happen In My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 301? 

One thing fans hope to see is more development of Endeavor as a character. With the level of guilt that he’s feeling, he may become increasingly conflicted about continuing his work. Things will remain as destructive and heartbreaking in Chapter 301.

Some fans also speculate that Endeavor may meet his death. Endeavor is hitting his lowest point right now. And the question is whether in Chapter 301, he will decide to help or leave himself out of the spotlight to continue feeling bad for himself.


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