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My Hero Academia: Most Dangerous Villains, Ranked

Here are some of the My Hero Academia: most dangerous villains, ranked.

All For One

All For One is a deeply malevolent individual that My Hero Academia perfectly establishes as the dark counterpart to All Might. He is one of the few individuals in the series who has more than one Quirk at his disposal. All For One doesn’t get many opportunities to show off the full extent of his strength.

He engages in battles against All Might and withstands One For All at its worst. All For One remains locked away under tight supervision, but it feels like he’ll eventually get to prove just how far his powers go.

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My Hero Academia showcases a wide range of personalities. There’s usually some degree of dysfunction that exists within the many villains. Twice is an extreme example of this and he often feels like the series’ answer to Deadpool, only he’s more chaotic than playful.

Twice’s Double Quirk allows him to make exact replicas of people or objects. But he’s lost track of this and is unsure if he himself is double or the original. These destructive thoughts make Twice a wild card that should never be underestimated.

Kai Chisaki

Kai Chisaki is the predominant villain in My Hero Academia’s fourth season and he’s someone who’s as sociopathic as he is powerful. Overhaul runs the Shie Hassaikai criminal organization and he tries to erase Quirks from powerful heroes.

Overhaul’s Quirk takes a cue from Shigaraki’s Decay in the sense that he can deconstruct anyone into nothingness. However, he can also reconstruct people to be a part of his body and become even stronger. It leads to one of the series’ biggest battles, and Overhaul is even able to briefly withstands One For All at 100%.


My Hero Academia is very interested in the power of the individual. It’s just as important to represent a cause as it is to possess a strong Quirk. The Hero Killer, Stain, introduces a radically new status quo where he exhibits disgust over those that abuse the title of hero and don’t deserve it.

Stain incites a revolution through his vigilante nature. He also has a very dangerous and disturbing Quirk to fall back on. The Bloodcurdle Quirk allows Stain to paralyze individuals when he licks their blood.

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Shigaraki Tomura

Shigaraki Tomura is an early evil that looms in My Hero Academia. He hasn’t reached his full potential until recently in the series. Shigaraki’s disturbing appearance makes him quite intimidating, but he’s also the leader of the League of Villains and the Paranormal Liberation Front.

His Decay Quirk allows him to turn anyone to dust upon making contact. But he’s recently upgraded his power to erase people without even having to make contact. Shigaraki demonstrates this to catastrophic effect.

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