My Hero Academia Vigilantes, Chapter 120 : Release Dates, Spoilers and Other Details

In My Hero Academia, Vigilantes, Chapter 120, Number 6’s punch has seriously injured Koichi. All For One laughs as Koichi struggles to walk. The excitement for this chapter is very high as we’ll also get to see the relationship between Number 6 and Koichi as children, through flashbacks.

This is Koichi’s last mission and fans are already upset over how his great character arc might be coming to an end. Does Koichi die? Read this article to find out everything about My Hero Academia, Vigilantes, Chapter 120!

About My Hero Academia: Vigilantes 

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is a superhero manga series written by Hideyuki Furuhashi and illustrated by Betten Court. It is both a spin-off and a prequel to Kōhei Horikoshi’s manga series My Hero Academia. 

It began its serialization in Shueisha’s Jump GIGA in August 2016. But, later on, it was transferred to Shueisha’s online magazine, Shōnen Jump+, in October of the same year.

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Recap of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Chapter 120 

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Chapter 120 hasn’t been released yet. So it would be wise to revisit the events of Chpater 119. That chapter is divided between two narratives: one of Number 6 fighting Koichi and one which involves flashbacks from their childhood.

The illusion of All For One rejoices that Number 6’s fiery punch has nearly obliterated Koichi and only his tattered clothes remain. However, Number 6’ combustion process is speeding up. All For One praises Number 6’s power and ability, even though he will soon dissipate into nothingness. 

The flashback shows a small Number 6 trying to socialise. But all the other children run away from him. He sits alone in the playground, making something. Then a shadow of another boy approaches him. Meanwhile, Koichi is still alive and he is in a bad shape. He is crawling along the road while Number 6 and All For One look on in astonishment. 

Koichi’s internal monologue reveals his bravery and how mature he has become as a character. He reminisces that the howls of Number 6 resembled those of criminals and villians he fought.

He would never just sit back and ignore them; his instinctive response was to approach the site of disturbance and help the innocent bystanders. This time, he puts his faith in the heroes and, through all the blood dripping down his face, manages to smile.

He believes that the heroes will make everything right and all he has to do is to practice patience. In Number 6’s head, the flashbacks continue to appear. Small Koichi hands him a toy which Number 6 throws away. This causes them to start a fistfight.

The chapter contrasts this childish confrontation with the actual, bloody fight between them very well. The Narufest gang looks on in horror as the giant Number 6 launches another fiery punch at Koichi. 

Spoilers for My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Chapter 120

We don’t have any official spoilers for My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Chapter 120. However, based on the last chapter we expect Koichi to get overpowered by Number Six. Koichi is already injured and only his determination is sustaining him. It would be interesting to see if the heroes make it to the scene and save him or if Koichi finally realises his own worth as a hero. 

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Release Date of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Chapter 120

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Chapter 120 will be released on February 25, 2022.

Where to Read My Hero Academia: Vigilantes 

You can read My Hero Academia: Vigilantes on Viz for free. 


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