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My Hero Academia’s Safest Quirks

Here is everything you need to know about My Hero Academia’s safest Quirks.

Shino Sosaki

Shino Sosaki’s Quirk Telepath allows her to mentally transmit information to her allies. Although her ability doesn’t work in reverse, it is more than effective when it comes to relaying essential instructions amid battle.

Sasaki also utilizes Telepath to divert her opponent’s attention, which consequently confuses them, buying extra time for her to unleash her offensive moves.

Inko Midoriya

Izuku’s mother Inko Midoriya reveals that her Quirk is a mild form of telekinesis. Displaying her so-called Attraction to Small Objects by attracting an All Might doll from the floor.

She admits that it’s not a very powerful Quirk. But it probably comes in handy when she needs to clean up household messes. The only drawback is that her telekinetic pull takes too much time to implement effectively.

Kosei Tsuburaba

Kosei manipulates the air around him with his Quirk, converting it into various barriers and scaffolding. These shards of Solid Air are incredibly durable and insulated. It provides its user with a form of protection that can be dismantled and recreated at a moment’s notice.

Kosei has managed to evolve Solid Air to an impressive degree, given that he can currently imprison opponents within nigh-unbreakable “air cubes.” While this Quirk could be implemented as an offensive technique, perhaps to create weapons, Kosei is yet to reach that stage of progress.

Emi Fukukado

Ms. Joke (Emi Fukukado) is naturally playful and enthusiastic, even if her sense of humor comes off as grating at times. However, she doesn’t need to be funny when she has a meta-ability like Outburst, as it allows her to put opponents out of action by forcing them to laugh incessantly.

This Quirk is technically harmless, although its range and nuances are presently a mystery. As strange as it might sound, people can die from laughing too hard.

Atsuhiro Sako

Villains are as likely as heroes to possess nonviolent Quirks, a notable example being Atsuhiro Sako. His Compress is capable of reducing and depositing anything he touches, whether they’re objects, energy, or living organisms, inside turquoise-tinted marbles.

None of Atsuhiro’s opponents have been able to escape his clutches after being subjected to his Quirk, including those as powerful as Tokoyami and Bakugo. On the flip side, Compress can accidentally maim people if activated without the proper precautions.

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