Naruto: Did Kakashi Hatake Kill Rin?

Kakashi Hatake, most commonly known as the Copy Ninja, Kakashi of the Sharingan, and Sixth Hokage of Hidden Leaf, is no murderer, and we know it.

But the series sure did have a way of getting away with making fans believe in absurd lies and then showing the truth when they deemed fit.

Did he know it?

Even though the truth did not affect Obito, fans were a little relieved when they heard the truth. Wait…Obito already knew the truth, right….then why did he join Madara??? that’s the second question that arises in our minds.

Before we answer that, let’s answer the titular question, here…..No….Kakashi did not Kill Rin.

Did Kakashi Hatake kill Rin?


Back after the death of Obito, Rin was captured by the Hidden Mist and was made the Jinchuriki of the Three Tailed Beast, Isobu. Yes, the one that was left with no Jinchuriki at last and was captured by Tobi and Deidara…that one.

Hidden Mist’s plan back then was to send Rin back to Hidden Leaf and then send the Three Tailed Beast on a rampage as soon as Rin reaches the village. Rin, who was smarter, figured out their plan.

The smartest one saved the village


While Kakashi came to save Rin, she understands Hidden Mist’s plan and asks Kakashi to kill her. Kakashi thinking that he has successfully saved his comrade says that we will kill these guys who are tailing them and do something about it. But Rin knows it’s not possible as they were outnumbered.

So Rin throws herself before Kakashi while he was about to use his Chidori on an enemy. Obito saw all of this through Kakashi’s Sharingan, so he knew the truth.

He still joined Madara because he was furious that such a fate had to befall an innocent person like Rin even though she did no bad. He was mad that fate was cruel and has made him like this and killed the person he loved. That’s why he was angry that Kakashi couldn’t keep up his promise but was never mad that he killed her. The fact always remains that Rin killed herself to save the village.

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