Naruto Vs. Boruto: The Leaf Shinobi

It is safe to say now at this point that Hidden Leaf has changed drastically from the time Naruto was a kid to Boruto’s time.

Ever wondered why most of the shinobi we saw during Naruto or Naruto Shippuden had a very sad backstory? Well, if you had that same question and saw Boruto: The Next Generation, you would know the difference.

Sad Childhood

In Naruto anime, no matter whom you met, either they had a sad childhood or a bad one. Most of them were orphans, and most just lived begging or roaming around aimlessly.

We always saw the best-skilled shinobi doing evil stuff just because they were left with no one to guide them properly or because they were filled with hate after losing everything or in their own way they thought what they were doing is right.

From Pain to Obito to Madara, everyone believed in their own way of peace and never thought of a simpler way. Well, the peace that was finally achieved too came with a lot of sacrifices.

War Orphans


We see Obito, Kakashi, Iruka, Naruto, Sasuke, Metal Lee, and so many others live alone in their apartments or houses. One thing that was common back then was that shinobi were killed way often than usual.

The feud between villages and other enemies kept shinobi on high alert and resulted in them losing their lives.

Thanks to the people’s sacrifice in Fourth Ninja War, Boruto and the gang and their generation can hang out and live freely by going on missions and eating at Thunder Burger.

Sadist or Realist?

There were times we just thought that Kishimoto was just a guy who loved to make us cry by giving a sad story to every character we loved. Still, only later, after we come across Boruto, we get that he was simply keeping the anime or manga up to reality.

The war orphans, the pain behind being a shinobi when every other villager will kill before they help you, the constant need to prove you are stronger just to stay alive, all of these came to an end thanks to the Fourth Ninja War.

Even though the new generation complain that they don’t have anything like before to horn their skills, there is no way they would be able to survive in a time like that.





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