Naruto: Why is Kurama so disproportionately stronger than the other tailed beasts?

Kurama and the tailed beasts were created by the Sage of Six Paths. Moreover, these massive chakra forms are considered to do enormous damage.

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Meanwhile, two theories are widely popular about why Kurama is deemed to be stronger than the other-tailed beasts.

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Here is everything you need to know.


First theory: Kurama sealed inside Naruto is disproportionately strong

The first theory implies that Kurama inside the anime series titular protagonist Naruto is strongest rather than Kurama separately.

Moreover, multiple hints in the series suggest that a tailed beast is stronger when it is contained inside a host body. In addition, the strength of the host also magnifies the strength of the beast.

Furthermore, Naruto is the host of the 9 tails and has been a Jinchuriki since he was born.

Additionally, it is mentioned that the nine-tails had the most chakra in comparison to the other-tailed beasts. But four tails has once told Naruto that the number of tails does not indicate the power of a beast.

Hence, the statement most likely implies that the tail might represent the beast’s chakra reserves but not battle strength.

In the meantime, Kurama’s overpowered nature might possibly be because of his higher reserves.


Second theory: Kurama has the most tails

Meanwhile, the second theory claim that the power of a tailed beast is proportional to the number of tails it has.

For the unversed, Kurama has the most tails as compared to the other tailed beasts.

In other words, the power scaling of the tailed beasts is inversely-proportional rather than directly proportional. Hence, Kurama’s powers are known to be strongest when compared to the other-tailed beasts.

Besides that, Kurama has the largest piece of the chakra division in comparison to the ten-tails which makes him the strongest-tailed beast.

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