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Naruto’s Hardest Fights Ever Fought

Here is everything you need to know about Naruto’s hardest fights ever fought.

Versus Kaguya

Nobody in in-universe or out saw the final boss of the whole show coming. Kaguya Otsutsuki, one of the strongest characters in Naruto, is revealed to be the source of all chakra in the shinobi world. With powers unknown to any living human, she is a mind-boggling threat to every shinobi on the battlefield.

Part of the challenge in fighting Kaguya is figuring out how to fight her. Her immortality and abilities to mass-absorb chakra and bend the fabric of reality itself make her near-impossible to hurt, and forget about actually killing her. The only way to defeat her is to seal her in another dimension, requiring Naruto and Sasuke to perform a perfect Chibaku Tensei sealing technique on the fly.

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Versus Ten-Tails

Not to be outdone, Madara Uchiha one-ups Obito’s army with the strongest Tailed Beast in Naruto. It’s the reforged Ten-Tails, the original form of the nine separate Tailed Beasts. Though Naruto and Kurama have been barreling through Tailed Beasts left and right, this is a battle on a completely different level than either of them is used to.

Ten-Tails power decimates the Shinobi Alliance. This is the first time in the final battles that Naruto starts to waver. The death of Neji is a very rare moment in the show where grief stops him in his tracks. It takes Hinata to give him the kind of rousing speech he usually gives others to snap him out of it. So he can start powering up the rest of the shinobi army with his abundant chakra stores.

Versus Edo Tensei Army

The final arcs of the story bring the forces of all five villages to bear against increasingly dangerous enemies. Some of Naruto’s smartest villains, reveal themselves to be alive. And each is ready to launch its own world domination scheme.

As part of Obito’s, he has Kabuto perform Edo Tensei, resurrecting dozens of history’s most powerful shinobi under his control. Naruto joining the fray is, as everyone expects, a game-changer. In order to beat the widest variety of enemies he’s ever had to face, he summons all his newfound strength.

Versus Orochimaru

One of Naruto’s first major fights in Shippuden is against an opponent much stronger than him. The new Team 7 unexpectedly runs into Orochimaru at Tenchi Bridge. Overcome with rage on seeing the person keeping Sasuke from him, Naruto explodes further into his Tailed Beast forms than ever.

The Nine-Tailed Fox’s chakra forces Naruto into monstrous transformations and causes him considerable pain. Though he needs considerable power to stay alive facing Orochimaru head-on. It is not enough to beat him but scrambles his brain so badly that he attacks Sakura.

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