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Natasha Romanoff Ate 5 Year Old Expired Peanut Butter in Endgame


Remember in the Endgame when we saw Natasha play a little bit of Nick Fury? Well, we thought it was in her blood to do that, but we were wrong.

Broken Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff, or Black Widow, as we fondly call, was one of the most affected due to the snap. She somehow retained the famous OG Avengers gang, but she couldn’t help but feel the void.

She lost Fury, who was like the only family she had until the Avengers came along. Barton was also the other guy she trusts, but he was on a killing spree. But her pain and the way she felt all those five years were enormous.

Most of the pain she was probably due to the guilt she carried. She probably wanted to take someone else’s place in death because she thought she deserved it more.

Did She Lose Her Family?

Some even think that Natasha lost her actual family too in the snap. Some say it was her mother and her friends from the past that she is still attached to.

We have no idea how true that is, and we would probably have to wait till the movie releases to know that for sure.

We know the jump that Natasha took in the soul world was no ordinary one. We know that she felt so much pain the last five years that she hid it most of the time, and the jump was a result of that.

Depressed Natasha

Natasha wanted to give her everything to bring back those people because she no longer wanted to be alone. She went through so much and didn’t want even a little thing like death standing in her way.


While we had a funny scene with Rocket and Danvers and Rhodes, the following scene gave us a glimpse of how sad Natasha really was.

She did get caught by Steve Rogers, but that was not it. Natasha was seen eating a peanut butter sandwich. Our eagle-eyed fans have finally found something that explains a lot.

On the peanut butter jar, there was the label as usual, but one thing caught the eye, and that was the expiration date of it. The contents of it had expired back in 2018, and Natasha was eating it in 2023.

She didn’t notice the difference, and she didn’t care. She was so depressed that the food she eats didn’t matter anymore. That’s how bad it was for Natasha in the post-snap world.

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