Neither John Wick 4 nor Matrix 4 will have a happy ending


Fans of Keanu Reeves all around the world are going bonkers thinking about how the stories of John Wick 4 and The Matrix 4 will go about, but it is reported that neither of these sequels to epic movie trilogies will have a happy ending.

While the legendary dialogue, “Guns. Lots of Guns,” was one of the first connections between the two iconic movie series that Reeves has done, the two movies, when taken into consideration individually, are epic in themselves.

They have been hits and cult favorites amongst the huge fanbase that the actor has. Due to this, and their immense successes at the box office, the films are being made into sequels.

John Wick and The Matrix Box- Office Successes:

With John Wick: Chapter 3- Parabellum overtaking the position of Avengers: Endgame with its first weekend gross of over $57 million, Lionsgate had officially announced that a fourth installment of the franchise was already on floors where production was concerned.


Similarly, it was recently announced that The Matrix 4 will soon be in the works. Although, if sources are to be believed, the movie will be made purely for fans and not to boost or provide any justice to the character of John Wick.

Why Not A Happy Ending?

For fans of the character, John Wick is not a person they look up to or care for, they do not even relate to him.

While the three initial films were trying to build up the character and have him get out of whatever misery he is in, the fourth film will be nothing like you ever imagined it to be. It will not have the same story trajectory as the earlier films in the trilogy, that’s for sure.


While John Wick may eventually survive all the obstacles, problems and issues, at the end of the day, he has nowhere to go, no place to call home. So, there is no happy ending to it. Especially after he’s killed 300 people.

He is not just going to walk away as if nothing happened. It doesn’t work like that. And it’s only a matter of time before he becomes completely expletive.

So How Does Part 4 Become Epic?

While John Wick may not have a happy ending, speculations are being made as to how the fourth installment could be epic.


And Keanu Reeves is the one giving these ideas to people. According to him, the opening of the film should show Wick literally trying to escape from New York.

Maybe he would get help from Bowery King or even from John Leguizamo. Better yet, maybe the High Table shows up and starts firing guns at him. Any of these could be epic sequences.

But the world has changed since the films released for the first time, and the characters have grown. It will up to the makers and writers of the films to give them the ending most well-suited.

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