Netflix To Produce Sequel for Death Note Live-Action?

It would be unthinkable for Netflix to decide to produce a sequel to the live-action Death Note after all the negative reception its first film received.

But here we are talking about it! And it seems that the new film is planning to give a different direction to the series compared to its latest work.

Via WGTC an interview was shared with the writer Greg Russo, who has now announced his participation as a scriptwriter for the next film. Greg Russo refers to himself as a huge fan of the series and to Death Note as one of the best works ever written.

Of course, this does not ensure the success of the sequel (as Adam Wigard had also appeared a big fan when he appeared as the director of the first live-action). However, the writer did mention that he will stick more closely to the original material and emphasize the aspects that made the work of Tsugumi Oda and Takeshi Obata great (at least on one side).

Netflix’s first live-action was released back in 2017, and although the platform described the film as “a profitable success”, several fans of the manga and anime felt ripped off by the radical changes in its characters and plot, labelling the film as “an absurd westernized version of the original work.”

Outside of that, the sequel does not have many more details to share, but any Death Note fan hopes that Netflix will not punish the acclaimed series more as its first production did.

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