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Netflix’s Spriggan Reveals Main Staff And Key Visual


An anime adaptation of writer Hiroshi Takashige and illustrator Ryōji Minagawa’s sci-fi manga Spriggan is coming to Netflix globally in 2021. The news of this adaptation was initially released in March 2019, and now we finally have more information about the new series that will be produced by animation studio David Production. Netflix finally released new information about the main staff and the key visual of the anime.

Hiroshi Kobayashi (Kiznaiver, Rage of Bahamut Genesis, Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan) is the director; with Hiroshi Seko (Mob Psycho 100, Attack on Titan’s final season) as the writer, and Shuhei Honda (Little Witch Academy) as the character designer.

Spriggan follows high school student Yu Ominae, who is also a top agent called “Spriggan” at the ARCAM Corporation. Many years ago, an ancient civilization known for its advanced technology once ruled the earth but was eventually destroyed due to its abuse of the same.

Yu Ominae Spriggan

Therefore, they leave information to future generations in the form of an indestructible message board written in ancient Hebrew, telling them that if they cannot make good use of their creations, they should be destroyed.

ARCAM has placed itself as the guardians of these mysterious artefacts and must protect it from being misused or being used as weapons. Set in the last years of the Cold War, this corporation—and their military arm the ARCAM Private Army— uses “Spriggans” in their battle against their enemies.

Spriggan has a total of 11 volumes, which were written and published between 1989 and 1996. From 1998 to 1999, Viz Media initially released three of its newly edited volumes in North America under the name “Striker”. It also inspired a 90-minute movie released in September 1998, directed by Hirotsugu Kawasaki of “Legend of the Millenium Dragon”.

Other upcoming Netflix anime series include “Gods & Heroes”, “Altered Carbon: Resleeved”, “Dragon’s Dogma”, “Super Crooks”, and “Vampire in the Garden”.

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